Those couples facing fertility challenges deserve exceptional treatment. At Delaware Valley Institute of Fertility & Genetics (DVIF&G) in Lawrenceville, our experienced team of physicians, embryologists, nurses, and support staff take pride in providing the best of care to our patients. We guide the patients through the diagnostic workup and a successful treatment every step of the way. In state-of-the-art facilities and a comfortable environment, we provide the best technological advances, such as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), in vitro maturation (IVM), and oocyte cryopreservation.

The cornerstone of the DVIF&G philosophy is that the patient deserves individual evaluation and the best personalized service and care available. The success rates of the different treatment programs available to patients underscore our commitment to every couple1s desire to create a family.

The average couple that does not seek expert help for fertility and achieves pregnancy without any medical assistance does so within six to eight months. This compares favorably to DVIF&G1s average pregnancy frequency achieved within nine months after the first visit, especially if two to three months are subtracted to allow for the initial evaluation and correction of medical problems. At any given time one-third of the patients at DVIF&G are pregnant, exceeding by far the incidence of pregnancy of couples in the general population that are attempting pregnancy.

Dr. Chung H. Wu1s program for women with polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, has successfully treated over 2,000 women with this common problem with over 20 percent of them achieving pregnancy without any additional treatment for infertility. Less than 10 percent of the couples at DVIF&G undergo an advanced and complex treatment since most achieve their goal in a short period of time with conventional infertility treatment.

Nonetheless, the ones that have to undergo in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer (IVF-ET) have done so with resounding success. In 2004, the START (Success Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies) program at DVIF&G achieved an overall pregnancy rate per transfer of 56.5 percent. In the same year the overall live birth per transfer was 45.2 percent, well above the national live birth rate of 34.8 percent in 2002 and 34.7 percent in 2003 (the 2004 national average is not yet available) and places the START program at DVIF&G with the best infertility centers in the country. A team approach, individual effort from the DVIF&G staff, and active patient participation is credited for this outstanding pregnancy rate.

During the last decade, the DVIF&G staff has worked incessantly to improve the environment for its patients, increase its success rates, and introduce new therapeutic techniques in Southern New Jersey. This effort has placed DVIF&G and its START program as a premier fertility center in the country and has made it the referral center of choice for doctor and patient alike.

For more information about any of the programs offered at DVIF&G and the START program, please contact Jessica A. Macdonald, Supervisor of Reproductive Laboratories at 609-895-0088 or e-mail her at For more on DVIF&G, please visit

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