Dean Gallo knows construction. He was a wingman in the business since the age of 13, following his uncles around as they ran their own companies.

But Gallo knew that one day he wanted to call the shots, make the big decisions, and be there from the start of the project until completion with his clients.

In October, 2012, Gallo’s dream came true, and his company, DG Construction and Renovations LLC, was born. And then came the nightmare: Hurricane Sandy.

“I had just opened up my company, doing a few jobs here and there, and Sandy hit,” said Gallo, 27, and a graduate of Hamilton High School West. “That’s when we started rockin’ and rollin’, trying to help everyone out with the projects that needed to be done, especially in Long Beach Island, Tuckerton, Beach Haven West, and Manahawkin.”

Although there were residents who had some minor roof damage or siding repairs that needed to be done in Hamilton — where Gallo’s business originated —most of his work needed to be done at the Jersey shore, which was devastated by the storm.

“I knew that all I wanted to do was help all of those people down the shore rebuild,” Gallo said. “My heart went out to them. I also didn’t want to take advantage of the situation by jacking up prices. I kept everything affordable for my clients. We didn’t want to make them feel like they were just customers. We wanted to form long-term relationships with them, which DG Construction has done. Many of the clients we have done work for over the past couple of years have already returned for second and third jobs.”

When coming up for the name of his business, Gallo wanted his business to take on its own name.

“I wanted to be my own boss with a name that was my own,” Gallo said. “I learned a lot working for and with my uncles all of those summers and after school, but I wanted to be independent of them, even with the name of my company.”

Starting out as a labor apprentice, Gallo worked his way up to being a top mechanic in his uncle’s company. He then received his license in general construction after applying with his credentials. Now, two years later, he is constantly busy.

“We started out specializing in restoration,” Gallo said. “That snowballed into all kinds of room facelifts. My guys and I do everything from roof leaks, kitchen and bath redos, hardwood flooring, decks, additions and even total house remodels. We did a house in Forked River that should really be in a magazine. It is a total house redo after Sandy, and it has the total beach affect, with rustic cabinets, wainscoting, and all the things that give it the beach house look. We completed the job in three months, and our clients love it.”

A few months ago, DG Construction did work on a local landmark, the Homestead Inn on Kuser Road. And, currently, Gallo is in the process of a huge job in Hightstown.

“Right now, we are doing a job that is the restoration of a 150-year-old home,” Gallo said. “We want to make every inch of the home look exactly the way it did in its original form, 150 years ago. Everything will look identical, but it will be brand new. We want to do a really classy job, and will post it on Facebook when it’s finished.”

Spending his downtime with his family, and his girlfriend, Heather, Gallo also enjoys every minute that he is on the job.

“I really believe that, for the price, there is no one who can come close to quality of work that we do,” Gallo said. “We are very meticulous from the start to the finish. We never have to return to fix anything that we did, because we always do it right the first time.”

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