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This article by Barbara Fox was prepared for the October 2, 2002 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

CyLogix Bought

CyLogix, the fourth largest computer company in Princeton,

has been acquired by Keane (Amex: KEA), a global software applications

company with headquarters in Boston. With offices at 36 Washington

Road, CyLogix has a niche in custom software development and systems

integration for financial institutions and brokerage houses.

The company was founded in 1996 by Andy Phillips, who serves as its

president and CEO, and by Matt Figurski, vice president.

Keane spokesperson Margo Nison says her company intends to maintain

CyLogix in its facilities. In addition to the headquarters, CyLogix

also has facilities in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Boston. In addition,

she says, the principals and "as much of the staff as possible"

will remain. About 200 people work on Washington Road.

CyLogix was attractive to her company, Nison says, because financial

services is a "a big vertical for Keane." Financial details

of the acquisition have not been released.

"We do a lot of acquisitions," says Nison, "this is a

relatively small acquisition." Neither Phillips nor Figurski were

available for comment.

Keane (formerly CyLogix Inc.) (KEA), 36 Washington

Road, Princeton Junction 08550. 609-275-8998; fax, 609-275-0285. E-mail: Home page:

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Fidelia’s NetVigil

A two-year-old software firm, Fidelia, has set up a

15-person enclave at 300 Alexander Park and released the NT version

of a real-time performance management and monitoring suite called


Though the product is new, some of Fidelia’s customers have been using

the founder’s products for more than a decade. Vikas Aggarwal, president

and chief technology officer, used to work at, the Internet

service hosted by Princeton University in the 1980s. Back then, he

devised such freeware packages as Nocol, an early network management


"The number of people using Nocol grew to 4,000 or 5,000,"

Aggarwal says. "Because I had this product out, and was helping

people and maintaining it in my spare time, people were willing to

listen to us. It definitely helped us in our marketing, but it was

a tough upgrade — there is a big difference between free and paid.

Some people thought we were taking freeware and trying to bundle it."

Among the clients for his freeware who have signed up for his paid

product are Sony Online (the videogame company) and Yale University.

The departmental version of NetVigil starts at $10,000 and the enterprise

version, which scales to support tens of thousands of devices, starts

at $30,000.

Fidelia’s other potential clients are mid-market firms, smaller than

Fortune 500 companies, those with 40 or 50 servers, particularly those

that need 24/7 transaction reliability and that span multiple domains,

departments, or geographic locations. Because NetVigil works on Linux

and Solaris and NT platforms, it is appropriate for those who want

to change their operating systems.

NetVigil has scalable, distributed architecture with fully decentralized

data collection, report processing, and archiving. Each department

can monitor its own work without clouding the overall picture for

company officers. Unlike other products on the market, the software

can do two operations simultaneously: look for fault (where the system

went wrong) and manage performance (make predictions about what will

go wrong).

"Most products focus on either finding the fault or performance

monitoring," says Aggarwal. "We designed it from the beginning

to do both. We can take data, store it long term, and do trend analysis

and be proactive about what will go down."

Aggarwal says NetVigil can be compared to how an MRI surveys your

body in an organic way, as opposed to having X-rays taken of different

body parts. "Most other products are composed of five network

management tools, but our product looks at your system end to end,"

he says. "With IT staffing at lean levels in today’s economy,

having multiple products for fault and performance management is no

longer a viable option."

Founded in Denver, Fidelia is funded by JT Ventures, Windspeed Ventures,

and Freedom Hill. Thomas Thekkethala, one of the investors, is the

temporary CEO. The firm has partnerships with HP OpenView and BMC

Software, and its major competitors are HP OpenView and Concord.

Aggarwal grew up near Delhi, India, and earned his mechanical engineering

degree from a regional college, He has a master’s in computer science

from Stevens Institute, and joined JvNCnet along with another Stevens

graduate, Sergio Heker. Heker morphed JvNCnet into a private company,

Global Enterprise Services, and sold it to Verio, a Colorado-based

Internet Service Provider that has its Princeton office at 4390 Route

1. Aggarwal stayed at Verio and had moved to Denver to be former vice

president of overlay engineering when he met a potential investor

in his NetVigil idea at a private party.

The investor persuaded him to quit Verio and start his own company

in Denver. When the Denver economy soured, he moved back to West Windsor

with his wife and two preschool children.

Aggarwal, who started the company in December, 2000, when the market

was going down hill, has few illusions about going public. "We

never expected the recession to last so long," he says. "Public

is a tough word right now. If the company grows, we would expect it

to get sold."

— Barbara Fox

Fidelia Inc., 300 Alexander Park, Suite 205, Princeton

08543. 609-452-2225; fax, 609-452-2662. Home page:

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ClinPhone Inc., 9 Roszel Road, Princeton 08540.

Howard Goldberg, vice president. 609-524-4100; fax, 609-520-0633.

Home page:

Clinphone has quadrupled its space with a move in July from Lenox

Drive to 25,500 square feet on the first floor of 9 Roszel Road, a

sublease from Merrill Lynch.

Based in the United Kingdom, the company offers electronic trial management

services to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The

firm has 300 employees worldwide and has offices in the United Kingdom

(the headquarters), Belgium, and Germany, Of its 75 U.S. employees,

50 are here and the remainder are in Chicago and San Francisco.

This office, the United States headquarters, is headed by Howard Goldberg,

a 1977 graduate of SUNY Stony Brook who has a PharmD from the University

of the Pacific (U.S, June 23, 1999). "We have enhanced our services

and integrated them with other technologies," says Goldberg. Clients

can choose whether to report information by calling an 800 number

or by using the Internet.

Ray Sohmer and Matthew Saker of Insignia/ESG represented Merrill Lynch,

and Joe Boiseau of GVA Williams represented ClinPhone. SJP Properties

is the landlord at this three-story building.

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Secure Network Solutions, 42 Essex Drive, Monmouth

Junction 08852. Christopher D’Souza, president. 732-329-6154; fax,

732-329-6140. E-mail: Home page:

Too much bureaucracy," is Christopher D’Souza’s

answer to why he decided to start his own business. He aims to supply

computers and networking for small to medium-sized companies, and

among his first clients are a physician and a private school. He is

taking some courses in entrepreneurship at Middlesex County College

and has joined the chamber of commerce.

A native of Bombay, D’Souza grew up in United Arab Emirates, where

his father was a purchasing manager for a French company. In 1985

he came to the United States to earn his bachelor’s degree at the

New York Institute of Technology, Class of 1990. He worked at Tiffany’s,

CitiCorp, Cole Systems, and Charter Financial, which was bought by

Wells Fargo. Most recently he was vice president of IT for Wells Fargo

Equipment Finance in New York City, in charge of northeast and Canada.

One of the reason he is concentrating on networking is because it

is difficult to find good people in that field, he says. "Many

people that I interviewed got certified because they couldn’t do anything


In spite of the uncertainties in starting a business, D’Souza says

his wife has supported this venture: "She knew I have been wanting

to do this for the longest time. And I avoid the 2 1/2 hour commute."

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Hotel Moves:

Marriott to Westin

Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village, 201 Village

Boulevard, Princeton Forrestal Village, Princeton 08540. John Crouch,

general manager. 609-452-7900; fax, 609-452-1223. Home page:

Starwood Hotels and Resorts has reflagged its property

at Forrestal Village, changing it from a Marriott to a Westin. The

hotel has 294 rooms, an indoor pool, and three restaurants. Among

the current amenities are two-line speakerphones with a data port,

high-speed Internet access, cordless bedside telephones, and velour


One of the former Marriott’s restaurants, named Mikado, will be renamed

Bimi but will retain its Japanese cuisine. Polly Esther’s will continue

to be the name of the nightclub.

The new general manager, John Crouch, has been general manager of

a Sheraton hotel in Annapolis, Maryland, and of the Wyndham Bristol

Hotel in Washington, D.C. He has nearly 20 years experience with the

Hyatt chain, most recently at the Hyatt Regency Washington, D.C.,

and director of operations at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda.

James DeCinque, the new director of sales and marketing, has been

sales director at the Princeton Residence Inn by Marriott, the Sheraton

Long Island, and most recently at the Sheraton Edison.

Westin Hotels and Resorts has more than 120 hotels and resorts in

26 countries and is owned by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc.

Radisson Hotel Princeton, 4355 Route 1 South at

Ridge Road, Princeton 08540. Louis Jamison, general manager. 609-452-2400;

fax, 609-452-2494. Home page:

Louis Jamison is the new manager of the recently refurbished Radisson.

Jamison has nearly 20 years experience with Hyatt and Starwood hotels

and resorts.

The 240-room full service hotel has a restaurant (Gallagher’s Steak

House), indoor pool, fitness center, lounge, and 10,000 square feet

of meeting space for from 300 to 500 people. It is owned by the Dallas-based

Remington Hotel Corp.

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Tech Who’s Who

The Nielsen-Wurster Group Inc., 345 Wall Street,

Princeton 08540. Patricia D. Galloway, CEO. 609-497-7300; fax, 609-497-3412.

Patricia D. Galloway, CEO of the Nielsen-Wurster Group,

is slated to be the first woman engineer to serve as president of

the 150-year-old American Society of Civil Engineers. She will be

installed as president elect next month.

Galloway succeeded Kris Nielsen as CEO of the 26-year-old firm, which

does consulting in engineering, management, and construction. It has

20 employees at its Research Park headquarters, plus offices in Virginia,

Florida, California, Washington, Singapore, and London.

Galloway was a civil engineer at Purdue, has an MBA from New York

Institute of Technology, and is licensed as a professional engineer.

"Women have long been breaking barriers and making astounding

contributions to the engineering profession," she says, "so

it seems implausible that only in the 150th year of ASCE’s founding

a woman has been named president elect. Yet I don’t view my election

as a milestone but instead a validation on how far we have come in

accepting people for their abilities and skills, strengthening our


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Robert J. Witonsky, 67, on September 29. He founded Medical

Indicators on Reed Road in Pennington, a manufacturer of disposable

oral thermometers.

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