Going Once: Cyanamid to BASF

Berlitz CEO Retires; Restructuring Set

New in Town: Newfields

Leaving Town


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Cyanamid, Berlitz, Newfields

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Going Once: Cyanamid to BASF

The cows at the corner of Route 1 and Quakerbridge Road

have apparently found a buyer. A German chemical company, BASF, offered

to pay American Home Products more than $3.8 billion for American

Cyanamid’s Agricultural Products Division. Also bidding in this auction

were Bayer, Dow Chemical, and Sumitomo Chemical.

American Home Products is getting rid of its agricultural business

so it will be a more attractive merger partner. BASF, now the 9th

largest agro-chemical company would be in the top three. It will use

the Cyanamid marketing force to introduce its own crop-protection

products. The Quakerbridge Road site, American Cyanamid’s global headquarters

for agricultural and biological research, has about 700 employees,

including 100 who work for another division of AHP.

American Cyanamid Agricultural Products Research Division

(AHP), Quakerbridge Road, Box 400, Princeton 08543-0400. Mark

W. Atwood, president, global agricultural products research division.

609-716-2000; fax, 609-275-5234. Home page: www.cyanamid.com.

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Berlitz CEO Retires; Restructuring Set

The CEO of Berlitz, Hiromasa Yokoi, is retiring effective

June 30, and the Alexander Road-based company with more than 320 language

centers and publishing and translation operations in 34 countries

is restructuring into two entities, Berlitz Language Services and

Berlitz GlobalNET.

The former company will do language instruction, franchising, cross-cultural

training, and ELS Language Centers and will be steered by Mako Obara,

president and CEO. GlobalNET will do language-related document management,

software localization, translation, and interpretation services, with

James Lewis as president and CEO.

Yokoi has been vice chairman, CEO, and president since 1993. James

Kahl will take the post of vice chairman and report to Soichiro Fukutake,

chairman. Also retiring are Henry D. James, executive vice president

and CFO, to be replaced by Robert Minsky. David Horn is leaving as

vice president of human resources and administration. About 150 people

are employed at the Alexander Road headquarters.

Berlitz International (BTZ), 400 Alexander Park,

Princeton 08540. Hiromasa Yokoi, CEO. 609-514-9650; fax, 609-514-9675.

Home page: www.berlitz.com.

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New in Town: Newfields

Geostatistics are what an engineer can use to evaluate

environmental data when the litigation isn’t going your way. Newfields

Inc., a company experienced in the art of using geostatistics, has

opened an office at 103 Carnegie Center. Christopher Finley is in

charge, and Commercial Property Network was the broker.

Newfields is known for strategic environmental management and litigation

support. "We’ve been very successful in reducing Fortune 500 company’s

environmental liabilities through the use of geostatistics," Finley

says. Based in Atlanta, the firm also does environmental consulting

and engineering and property divestment and acquisitions. Its Fortune

500 clients are most often the petrochemical and chemical firms.

Founded in 1985, Newfields also has offices in Dallas, Sacramento,

and Denver. Bill Hall, the co-founder, is a former partner at the

prominent environmental consulting firm, Dames & Moore. Shahrokh Rouhani,

the technical guru, formerly taught at Georgia Tech. Rouhani wrote

the training manual on geostatistics for the American Society for

Testing Materials.

Finley grew up in Berkeley Heights, where his mother taught school

and his father was a vice president of Lord & Taylor. He studied civil

engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, Class of 1990. After

working for the city of Rochester as an engineer, he went to small

New Jersey consulting firm and then managed the Handex office in Morganville.

"Geostatistics helps to determine the spatial relationship of

environmental data," says Finley. "One way to apply it is

to determine the background levels versus actual areas of discharge."

For instance, if a smelting plant is discharging pollutants, the engineers

could determine what metals (arsenic? chromium?) are coming from the

smelting plant versus what was already in the ground. "We determine

whether there was a pathway to the responsible party," he says.

Ordinary cases can last from two to five years, but cases run longer

when people claim that an exposure has resulted in adverse health

effect. His projects include "potable well impacts" (whether

a manufacturer has polluted area wells) in New Jersey, Connecticut,

and Massachusetts. "We negotiate and manage high liability cases

where there has been an impact on potable drinking water," he


Newfields Inc., 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 109,

Princeton 08540. Christopher Finley, associate. 609-514-1010; fax,

609-514-0055. Home page: www.newfields.com.

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Leaving Town

Video Software Limited, 20 Homestead Road, Suite

1 C, Belle Mead 08502. Eric Belove, president.

After the firm was acquired by LCI Communications in Manhattan, Eric

Belove closed his marketing firm in Hillsborough. "LCI Communications

is a well-known meetings and events planning firm, and we have become

LCI’s new media division," says Belove. He can be reached at 212-937-1006.

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Bernice J. Bullock-Kitchin, 45, on March 13. She worked

at Educational Testing Service.

Madeline Zebrowski, 57, on March 11. She had worked at

McLean Engineering.

Helen Reef, 75, on March 15. Until 1998 she was deputy

registrar for the health department of Princeton Borough.

Glentworth Lamb, 79, on March 16. He had been a biologist

with American Cyanamid.

Earl M. Briel, 71, on March 17. He was an owner of Scuba

Experience and Aquatic on Nottingham Way.

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