Invidi Technologies Corporation, 4390 Route 1 North, Suite 120, Princeton 08540; 609-759-3580; fax, 609-759-3581. David Downey, president and CEO.

Invidi Technologies, a provider of targeted advertising for broadband TV services, moved from 750 College Road East to 4390 Route 1.

In addition to the move, Invidi recently teamed with Gracenote, a music and video recognition technology company owned by Sony, to collaborate on the development of an advertising system that can identify the televsion programs and commercials viewers are watching in real time and determine what commercials should be played next.

“Typically TV viewers experience the same commercials regardless of their household needs, income or unique profile,” says an Invidi company release. “Gracenote will shift this paradigm by bringing the same targeting capabilities common with Internet advertising to viewers in the living room.

Gracenote, which is based in Emeryville, California, will use Invidi’s engine to allow advertisers to select household and audience demographics and target them with specific commercials. The process enables the company to have a “measurable way to place television advertising in front of a desired audience, while increasing advertising inventory and revenue opportunities for broadcasters,” says the release.

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