Cranbury Design Center has been renovating kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces in client homes since 2000. With over 40 years of experience in the design, planning and delivery of renovated home spaces, we have put together a comprehensive team to provide quality customer service to the individual homeowners, designers, builders and architects that we serve.

Things to Consider When Thinking About Your Renovation Project. Charlie Rini, co-owner at Cranbury Design, visits clients at their homes to discuss projects several times a week. What are the trends we see when talking about renovation projects?

“It really depends on where the prospective client is in the lifecycle of home ownership. Am I talking with an existing homeowner who has lived in their home for a while, and they have some ideas about how they want to make the space work for them? If so, they usually have thought about whether they want to change their floor plan, and a sense of the “look and feel” they prefer. They have often gone to websites like “Houzz” to look for pictures of their dream project. We always ask how long the homeowner is planning to stay in the home. This acts as a reality check when assessing the budget, project scope and timeline for the project”.

In another scenario, Cranbury Design may be working with a prospective client that is looking to purchase a new home, and is asking our opinion on what it will take, both financially and timewise to get them into the home they are hoping to buy. In this case, we are helping the client (and sometimes their realtor) with a vision of what a space can become. We are careful to point out what resources may be needed to actually make that happen. We do our best to provide a realistic view of how certain features of a kitchen or bathroom may, or may not be able to change.

We also work with prospective clients that are fixing up their homes to sell. Elizabeth O’Leary, a designer at Cranbury Design, has worked with clients that are only going to be in their homes for a few years more. “My clients that are just about ready to sell want modest design changes that they can enjoy for the next few years for themselves, but will also add to the home’s value when it is time for resale”. They will usually opt for stainless appliances, neutral cabinetry and granite or quartz countertops. Tile backsplashes and island lighting are usually also part of the re-design.

Whatever the motivation for looking at changes to your home — whether it be a re-fresh with modest changes, or a full renovation project, Cranbury Design Center and its team of experts are here to help. For more information about how Cranbury Design can assist you with your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or office project, call us at 609.448.5600 or visit us online at

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