A lot has changed in the past few years. Gone are the days when homeowners updated the kitchen or bath simply because they felt like it.

These days, remodeling your kitchen or bath comes with an understanding of the value of your home, whether you’re looking to sell or to spend your next 20 years there. It’s no longer about adding simple beauty to your home, it’s about adding value as well.

And when it comes to selling your home, whether you’re looking to cash in your nest egg or simply move on, buyers these days are savvy. They will not let you get away with quick-fix solutions that they know will just end up costing them money to re-fix somewhere down the road.

And as a homeowner, you want more than a quick-fix solution anyway. After all, next to your family, your home is your most important possession. You want it to represent your ideals and goals, as well as fit the natural design of the house when the next owners move in.

At Cranbury Design Center, our clients represent every part of the American tapestry. So when we renovate your home, we don’t offer you trends, fads, or cookie-cutter ideas, we get to know you and your family — your goals, your values, and your time frame — so that we can help you design the project that fits your lifestyle and your home’s design. Not to mention one that fits your budget.

We can help you envision your new design right in our first meeting at our showroom. Our state-of-the-art technology lets us put together a virtual version of your new kitchen or bath, and our 85-inch projection screen lets you see it as if you’re already living there. Forget the 8-by-10 drawings of what your kitchen or bath will look like, and forget the long wait for an estimate. Before you head home, you will know everything from what your ideal design looks like to what it will cost to achieve it.

And you will know the professionals, from tile contractors to suppliers, who will take part in upgrading your home. Our end-to-end service eliminates the hours (not to mention the expense) of looking for contractors and suppliers.

Give us a call today at 609-448-5600 and let’s see what we can build together.

Cranbury Design Center, 145 West Ward Street, Hightstown. 609-448-5600. www.cranburydesigncenter.com.

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