Lawrenceville-based Weingarten Associates has joined 1% for the Planet, pledging a portion of its sales to support non-profit organizations focused on sustainability. Weingarten Assciates,, provides financial planning and tax services.

1% of the Planet was founded in 2002 on the belief that “sustainability is a principle that extends beyond business practice and must be embraced by the private sector to effect positive change for the future,” according to the organization’s website. Members contribute one percent of revenues directly to any of the approved non-profit environmental organizations in the network.

“Becoming more sustainable in how we live is becoming more important as we learn more about how our activities are impacting our planet,” says CEO Ken Weingarten. “With two young children you begin to think about things in a different light.”

More than 1,600 non-profits worldwide are included in the organization’s program.

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