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Contracts Awarded

Universal Display Corporation Inc. (PANL), 375

Phillips Boulevard, Ewing 08618. Steven Abramson, president.


fax, 609-671-0995. Www.universaldisplay.com

The developer of flat panel display technology has landed a U.S. Army

contract for nearly $70,000 to try to build its flexible display


inside a soldier’s helmet. If this proves feasible, the next phase

of the contract would be $500,000 to $750,000 to develop a prototype.

Universal Display recently doubled its space to 21,000 square feet

and installed cutting-edge equipment from Axtron in Germany.

Parelec Inc., 5 Crescent Avenue, Building C, Box

236, Rocky Hill 08553-0236. Steve Ludmerer, president. 609-279-0072;

fax, 609-252-1288. Home page: www.parelecusa.com

Air Products and Chemicals Inc. (NYSE: APD) of Allentown,


has bought a significant share in Paralec Inc., founded by Paul H.

Kydd of Partnerships Limited. Kydd developed Parmod technology, a

line of conductive inks and pastes for a two-step low-cost dry process

way to make electronic circuits.

The process is environmentally friendly, and the long-lasting inks

and pastes have been used for radio frequency identification switches,

membrane switches, flexible circuitry, and high density interconnects.

Future uses might include conductors for circuits on flat panel


and oxide compositions for printing buried resistors and capacitors.

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Leaving Town

Etsee Soft Inc., Box 754, Washington Crossing


Sheshadri Mantha, owner. 215-321-9771; fax, 215-321-9775.


Etsee Soft moved from the Straube Center to Washington Crossing,


and has a new phone and fax. It offers LifeConnect software (24-hour

monitoring of patients in hospitals), as well as sales force


software and application localization for the Japanese market.

American Computer Products, 1877 Brunswick Avenue,

Lawrenceville 08648. Halim Jung, general store manager. Home page:


Halim Jung has closed his computer store, leaving neither a forwarding

address nor a telephone number. He had opened the business in 1999.

Biotrace Inc., 666 Plainsboro Road, Suite 1050,

Plainsboro 08536. 800-246-0033; fax. Www.biotrace.com

Last May Biotrace purchased Cogent Technologies in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Now the company has consolidated its operations in Cincinnati and

the Princeton Meadows office has been closed. It used bioluminescence

to detect microbial contamination.

Gryphon Group LLC, 56 Sentinel Road, Washington

Crossing 18977. Priscilla Waring, president. 215-369-4866; fax,


Priscilla Waring moved her strategic marketing and communications

research firm from Pennington to Washington Crossing. She continues

to head the Princeton chapter of the Association of Internet


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Manpower Temporary Services, 212 Carnegie Center,

Suite 108, Princeton 08540. Barbara McCandless, branch manager.


fax, 609-452-9165.

In Hamilton, Manpower’s Lexington Square Commons office has closed

and combined with the Princeton office.

Datamark Technologies, 4300 Route 1, Building 5,

CN 5367, Princeton 08543. Jack Kaplan, president. 609-580-3500; fax,

609-580-3576. Www.datamarktech.com

Datamark left its quarters at the Technology Center of New Jersey

in North Brunswick and moved in with its parent company, American

List Counsel, on the Dow Jones campus. It has a staff of 20 people,

says David Berk, the CEO. It develops electronic customer loyalty

and stored value programs for retail, hospitality, telecommunications,

and consumer products.

Danka Office Imaging, Route 1, Building 10,


08540. Richard Filosa, field engineer. 800-255-3434; fax.

Danka Office Imaging (NYSE: DANKY) has moved a small parts depot it

maintained on Route 1 into its office at 103 Carnegie Center, Suite

103. Office manager Carol Varga says the move was made to consolidate

operations. Danka has approximately six in-house employees and 30

salespeople working from this location.

The company, with headquarters in London and in St. Petersburg,


is a supplier of office imaging equipment and related services, parts,

and supplies.

Gianni Donati Attorney at Law, 175 Bertrand Drive,

Princeton 08540. Gianni Donati. 609-921-3993; fax, 609-921-2629.

Gianni Donati moved his office from 230 Nassau Street to his home.

A graduate of Amherst, Class of 1974, he went to law school at the

University of Pennsylvania. He focuses on commercial litigation and

collection of unpaid accounts.

Pequod Communications, 36 University Place,


University Store, Princeton 08542. Andre Liu, owner. 609-921-7888;

fax, 609-921-7293.

Pequod Communications has moved its retail printing operation from

6 Nassau Street to a location within the Princeton University Store,

where it does printing and copying. It has a new phone and the same

fax. The headquarters of the business — ironically enough, founded

by undergraduates in 1988 to protest the policies of the University

Store — is on Alexander Road and includes a corporate reprographic

service center, with a full range of services, including pick-up and


Center for Claims Resolution, Princeton 08540.

Michael F. Rooney, COO. 609-951-6000; fax, 609-452-1533.

The consortium that handled asbestos claims canceled a planed move

to Scudder Falls Court in Ewing and moved out of the Carnegie Center

to an unknown location.

Vertis Direct Marketing Services, 1980 Route 1,

Box 6023, North Brunswick 08902. Dave Colatriano, group president.

732-297-5100; fax, 732-422-3949. Home page: www.vertisinc.com

For several years Vertis, the printing and direct marketing firm


known as Webcraft, had been operating its headquarters office away

from the North Brunswick plant, in plusher surroundings on Lenox


Princeton Pike Corporate Center. Last fall it consolidated and moved

the office back to the plant, where there are 300 workers. It is owned

by Big Flower, Manhattan-based conglomerate, and it has operations

in Chalfonte and Bristol, Pennsylvania.

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