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This article by Kathleen McGinn Spring was prepared for the February 12, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.

Consider a Mini MBA

Getting your MBA might seem like a good idea for lots

of reasons. But though the spirit might be willing, the flesh might

be weak. All that work. All that burning of oil in midnight hours.

And all that money. And how do you know you really want to go back

to the classroom?

For these and lots of other reasons, not enrolling in an MBA

program might seem the better choice.

And yet — there’s that feeling of missing out. You wish you could

dig into some of the business concepts you read about. You wish you

knew the implications of certain trends. You wish you could break

out of your technical job and get into management, or even start your

own business. You wish you could spend some time learning some

things without dedicating the next two years of your life to a nights/and/weekends

MBA program.

Rutgers’ Center for Management Development (CMD) has come up with

what it calls the "Mini MBA: Business Essentials Program."

In this not-for-credit certificate program, two dozen professionals

meet for 12 Friday afternoons, having read case studies and articles

in preparation for the class. Each week a celebrity professor links

his or her topic to business strategy. On a distance learning platform

the participants can discuss the sessions and the reading list with

each other and with the faculty members.

The 12 topic areas range from global financial markets to human resources

to ethics. "These areas integrate as business strategies so that

working practitioners can get a deeper understanding of business or

preview an MBA," says Abe Weiss, director of the Center

for Management Development (the executive education unit for the business


A pilot for this program is just finishing in Newark, and the first

mini MBA session scheduled for New Brunswick will start in February.

It is oversubscribed, so a second 12-week session will begin on Friday,

March 7, from 1 to 4 p.m. The program can also be customized and offered

at a company site. Cost: $2,495. Call Claudia Meer, program

director, at 732-445-5526 or (

"The format of the mini MBA is hands-on learning suitable for

an adult education model. It’s not a course where professors come

and lecture," says Weiss. He majored in premed at Long Island

University, Class of 1968, and worked for Fisher Scientific and RCA

before opening an executive search and management consulting business.

After spending five years as vice president of IT at Goldman Sachs,

he made a futile attempt to retire, then came to Rutgers for a master’s

in human resource management and stayed to head the CMD.

"Really impressive is the level of professionals who have responded

to this offering," says Weiss. "Eight have advanced degrees,

and several have PhDs." One psychologist wants to learn more about

business so he can be a better counselor for his executive clients.

An IT person who just left Lucent wants to improve her ability to

relate to end users. "Some are taking it because they are being

forced to behave like business partners and they feel insecure about

running a business unit. Others are planning to start a business and

will use the information to help write their business plan."

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More Programs From Rutgers CMD

Short-term residential programs offered by Rutgers’

Center for Management Development can meet long-term needs. Corporate

supervisors can broaden their skills with a five-day program. "Supervisors

have fewer resources, and yet are expected to produce targeted results

— which require skills they often don’t have," says Abe

Weiss, director of the Center for Management Development (CMD).

CMD’s Supervisory Leadership Development Program is set for Sunday

to Friday, March 9 to 14, at the University Inn and Conference Center,

178 Ryders Lane in New Brunswick. Other sessions will start May 4,

September 21, and November 16. Cost: $3,150 including tuition, materials,

lodging, and food.

Rutgers’ Advanced Management Development Program (RAMP) helps participants

assess their leadership and management styles. "Ramp participants

practice new behaviors with peers and construct action plans to apply

new skills back at work," says Weiss. The next RAMP session is

Monday to Friday, March 24 to 28, at the DoubleTree Hotel and Conference

Center in Somerset. Other sessions will begin June 2, October 13,

and December 1. Cost: $2,900 including tuition, materials, and most


In April a five-day residential program, Executive Competencies and

Leadership Program (EXCEL) is planned to help executives cope with

downsized workforces. Working in project teams they learn how each

operating unit — not just their own — contributes to a company’s

strategic goals. The next EXCEL session will be April 7 to 11 at the

Somerset DoubleTree, and it will be repeated November 3 to 7. Cost:

$2,900 including tuition, materials, and most meals. For any Rutgers

CMD programs call 732-445-5526.

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Corporate Angels

<d>Allegra Print & Imaging is donating 10 percent

of all sales from new customers during the months of February, March,

and April this year to the Eden Family of Services.

On Wednesday, February 19, between 3 and 6 p.m. the company hosts

Allegra Cares, a kick-off celebration featuring refreshments and a

tour of its facilities on Route 1 in Lawrenceville.

Aventis Pharmaceuticals has awarded a $45,000 grant to

the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at Rutgers. The grant marks the

first time Aventis has supported the office’s Pharmacy Education Program

(PEP), which is a component of the summer precollege enrichment program

at the school

PEP’s purpose is to identify under-represented high school students

who have an interest in the profession of pharmacy. The program provides

participants with the opportunity to enhance their competitiveness

for admission into the school.

PEP provides instruction in math, biology, and chemistry, as well

as lessons in reading comprehension, grammar, writing, and communication

skills. Basic pharmacy fundamentals, hands-on laboratory experience

with an emphasis on compounding and formulation, and small-group tutoring

are also a part of the experience. Since 1981 PEP has produced more

than 30 Rutgers pharmacy graduates and well as graduates from pharmacy

programs at other colleges. Among the Rutgers graduates, six have

gone on to medical school, and other have pursued a variety of other

healthcare careers.

Princeton Mortgage Corporation has made donations to the

Summit Speech School and HomeFront in the amount of $12,900. The organizations

were the beneficiaries of PMC’s ninth annual charity golf event. This

was the first time that the two organizations, representing charities

both north and south of PMC’s Pennington office, were chosen as beneficiaries

of proceeds from the annual golf event.

Carleton Badger, a mortgage planner with PMC, chaired the event. In

nine years PMC has raised nearly $50,000 for organizations, including

Habitat for Humanity, WomanSpace, Families in Transition, and the

ARC of Mercer County.

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Donate Please

The American Red Cross of Central New Jersey is raffling

off a red Volvo XC-90 to support its programs. Ticket price is $100,

and a maximum of 1,500 tickets will be sold. The drawing takes place

on Saturday, March 15. For more information, or to purchase a ticket,

call 609-951-8550.

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