With this issue of U.S. 1, all of the offices on our hand delivery list — nearly 5,000 — will also receive a copy of U.S. 1’s 2008-’09 Business Directory. We hope you will find it useful — with more than 5,700 listings in 224 categories, the directory has proved to be a valuable summary of who’s who and what’s what in the greater Princeton business community.

When we read the Interchange column on page 4 of this week’s issue, our first thought was to compared that effort to measure the qualitative features of the our central New Jersey community — its social capital — with our efforts to take a quantitative measure of the same community — its economic capital. The sponsors of the social capital survey, the Princeton Area Community Foundation and the Princeton Chamber of Commerce, say that social capital is an important ingredient of any community. We think our annual Business Directory speaks to the value of the economic capital. Surely the two kinds of capital complement each other.

Careful readers of the Business Directory will note that its publication precedes by a week or so the unveiling of U.S. 1’s revamped website at www.princetoninfo.com. In fact, the cover of the Business Directory shows a cavalcade of princetoninfo logos looming larger and larger on the horizon.

The reconstituted princetoninfo.com will be online soon — the Business Directory promises May 1. And we urge you to bear with us during the transition (we know that some of our current website offerings are woefully out of date). But once in place, the new website will complement the Business Directory in important ways. You will be able to link to companies’ websites from their princetoninfo listing, and you can post a comment about a company. And if we have made an error in your company’s listing, you can use the comment feature to correct it. And once a week we will update princetoninfo.com and incorporate those corrections, as well as other new information we discover in our ongoing reporting efforts for U.S. 1.

With all the bells and whistles of the Internet version, why bother with a 312-page book? For one thing, for now at least, the book contains the complete listings of our 5,700-plus companies. And until everyone has a 27-inch monitor on their desk or until human eyesight has evolved to the point where we can read 6-point type effortlessly, many of us will prefer to flip through a book rather than scroll up and down and left and right across a computer screen.

So we offer the best of both worlds — and hopefully it will contribute to the social and economic capitalism of our community. If your office is not on our hand delivery routes, you can obtain a copy for a modest charge at our office. See the ad on page 12 of this issue for the details.

Computer Fest

U.S. 1 knows how hard it is to put on a computer and technology showcase. For years we did an annual show that at one point attracted nearly 40 exhibitors. Then the industry changed, computers were no longer new, and most sales were made sight unseen. We gave up.

But the Trenton Computer Festival — much bigger than ours ever was — continues. This year festival founder Al Katz, hoping to expand the pre-festival publicity, asked us to be a co-sponsor. We agreed and ran a series of advertising features previewing the event. Poring over the listings for speakers at the three-day event, U.S. 1 business editor Kathy Spring came upon several newsworthy topics. She chose one, which became the cover story of this week’s edition. So this week we offer you a paper and a book in print, a company database online, and a computer showcase in person.

We hope one or more will suit your interests.

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