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New Jersey Online

New Jersey Online,, has turned Point


Beach into the hottest spot at the New Jersey Shore this year by


a gateway to the sand, surf and fun for visitors miles, even


away. It’s all thanks to NJO’s newest technology, the Zoom Cam, a

camera that puts a view of the Shore in the Internet and lets users

control the view.

Shore ’99, the NJO guide to the Jersey Coast, has brought thousands

of virtual visitors to Point Pleasant Beach this summer through the

Zoom Cam and two other Web cams — the Beach Cam and Tiki Bar Cam

— all stationed at Martell’s on the boardwalk.

"We’ve found that people love to check out the beach before they

hit the parkway for a real visit," says Sara Glines, Editor at

New Jersey Online. Some beachgoers make the most of the site by


a moment to wave or hold up a sign to their friends and families


on the Web. Others who are office-bound use the site just to get a

glimpse at what they’re missing.

For those real visitors, New Jersey Online also offers maps and


traffic reports from 101.5 FM radio, and a complete guide to all New

Jersey’s beaches. "New Jersey Online provides news and information

for people who live, work and play in New Jersey," says Glines.

"A complete shore guide and Web cam views are part of our overall

effort to be all things New Jersey."

"All things New Jersey" includes news from The Star-Ledger

and The Times (Trenton), and constantly updating breaking news; job,

auto and real estate classifieds and Useful Stuff, including transit

schedules, maps and directions, entertainment listing and business


The site’s sense of fun offers a reflection of all that New Jersey

has to offer, making it truly New Jersey’s Web site. And what is New

Jersey without Bruce Springsteen? Online you can visit his celebrity

shrine ( and see video from his tour


in Barcelona. Perhaps you want to hear NJ radio? Check out Z100 in

the Radio/Cams/TV section ( And stay


with what’s new on the site with a newsletter delivered right to your

E-mail box.

Many sites promise they offer something for everyone. New Jersey


delivers on that promise.

New Jersey Online, 30 Journal Square, Jersey City,


E-mail: Web site:

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Princeton Computer Support

The Internet is fulfilling its promise. When it went

from government and academic use to commercial application, it was

said that soon everyone would be on the Web. Just a few short years

into its commercial life and one can surely see why. It has presented

a whole new way of doing business.

Gene Goroschko, Systems Engineer at Princeton Computer Support (PCSI),

has seen not just what the Internet can do for business in general,

but more specifically what it has done for his own company. "Just

a few years ago our sales department handled most transactions via

phone and fax. Now, nearly 85% of our sales contact is done online

and as a result productivity has soared."

The Internet benefits nearly every kind of business, but there are

still those out there who haven’t joined the global online community.

"They don’t feel it’s an important part of their business, but

what they have to realize is that the Internet has changed the way

we do business."

Eventually they follow suit, and when they do Goroschko believes it’s

important that they continue to look ahead, focusing beyond today

to what they will need in six months or a year or more. And that


with the kind of network they install. A business’s online access

should be an important consideration when a network is installed.

Without that element considered, a network is already behind the times

and an upgrade is inevitable in the near future.

"Every business needs room to grow. When we design our networks,

we design them with the thought in mind that users are going to


and inevitably have to expand their system, regardless of whether

or not they’re thinking of that when they’re planning a network


Looking to the future is an important business strategy for PCSI.

"Technology is constantly changing. You have to be one step ahead

to know and understand how to use it to your advantage." That

insight is indicative of the company’s longevity. Having been around

for 15 years, PCSI has the benefit of experience, of having grown

with the very technology it represents. "Experience teaches you

how to do it right the first time," says Goroschko. Doing it right

the first time has been the hallmark of the company’s reputation.

Princeton Computer Support, 5 Crescent Avenue, Box 787, Rocky

Hill, 609-921-8889 or 800-682-5168. Fax: 609-921-7691. E-mail:,

Web site:

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Princeton Internet Group

Throughout the evolution of the Internet, Princeton

Internet Group Inc. (PInG) has been on the cutting edge of a vast

array of technologies and strategies. In the early days of the World

Wide Web, just having a Web site was an accomplishment. Soon


companies began to discover that they could employ internetwork


for Intranets and Extranets to achieve improved communication within

and across an enterprise. Today, this internetwork technology is far

more than an efficiency tool. It’s a core strategic driver, and return

on a company’s investment in technology is a requirement.

One of the ways firms are taking advantage of internetwork technology

is through vertical applications — those that connect companies

with their customers and suppliers in a specific business-to-business

environment. Internetwork technology is allowing companies to work

together in ways that were previously impossible or impractical.


perceive added value through a customized means of purchasing and

receiving information, and suppliers achieve cost efficiencies. PInG

is leading the way, helping numerous companies develop vertical


One PInG client, The Bulwark Companies


works in specialty lines of insurance. Bulwark enables insurance


to solicit quotes from numerous insurance carriers simultaneously

via its web site. Prior to this business automation application,


agents needed to request quotes one by one, and received information

back in various formats and with time lags. Through the Bulwark web

site, the quoting process is reduced dramatically, often from weeks

to just hours. The consistency in information allows quick comparison

so that insurance agents can make good recommendations to their


Vertical applications also provide a mechanism for the creation of

communities. As the number of members of a network increases, the

value of the network grows. Individuals and companies that are linked

by various attributes can come together to interact and receive a

personalized experience, something Web users are increasingly


VertiNews ( is another company that PInG

is helping

utilize digital strategy to drive its business. This emerging firm

reports and writes about companies and business trends and how they

influence vertical market segments. Its first product, Commercial

Real Estate News, will launch in July.

The VertiNews web site leverages internetwork technology to


information in near-real time, thereby allowing critical


for its users — well ahead of traditional industry sources. It

enables users to indicate what type of news they would like to receive

through extensive user profiles. Each story is coded, so that the

appropriate material is E-mailed to users as requested. This method

makes VertiNews a totally customized and relevant information source.

As the Network Economy advances, technologies will emerge and business

opportunities will arise. Princeton Internet Group remains committed

to staying on the leading edge, so that its clients will continue

to profit from their partnership with PInG.

Princeton Internet Group, 13 Roszel Road, Suite C222,


609-452-1667. Fax: 609-452-0063. Web:

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Princeton Online

A truly effective Web site is one that is easily found

by existing and potential customers. "Many people rely on search

engines to help people find their site, but that’s simply not


says Peter Gibson, President of Princeton Online, a local online


"Even if you do a fairly specific search for information, you

come up with hundreds of thousands of sites. We just don’t think


the way people will find things on the Web."

As the Internet continues to explode, Gibson believes that small and

medium-sized businesses need to make Internet users aware of their

online presence without relying solely on these search engines.


and organizations today include their Internet address on their


materials, which makes a lot of sense, but they’re probably not being

found on the Web unless they’re part of a larger organization or are

actively advertising."

Gibson uses the analogy that a Web site is very much like a retail

store. Once it is up and running, the owners still have to promote

it, usually through advertising. "Being a part of an online


provides instant marketing to the tens of thousands of visitors each

month." The real estate motto "location, location,


is definitely applicable to the online world: The best place to find

local information and businesses is from an online site that truly

represents the community.

Localized content has exploded along with the Internet and large


players like Yahoo, Microsoft (Sidewalk), AOL (Digital Cities), and

Ticketmaster-Citysearch have made local information a priority.


Online was one of the first community sites in New Jersey to provide

such localized information. The concept behind Princeton Online is

that if you get the non-profit, government, and business community

involved and create one location for information, people are going

to visit web sites that are a part of that community. Gibson started

Princeton Online over 4 years ago to provide both web design and


services. "The Greater Princeton Area is already a dynamic


We help bring that community online."

Princeton Online now has more than 40,000 unique people visiting the

site every month and will have over 775,000 hits in June. It also

sends out a monthly electronic newsletter to over 3,000 people. Based

on June 15, 1999, data from Infoseek, Princeton Online had over 2,100

links from web sites throughout the world while its nearest local

competitor had only 420.

Being online gives area businesses a larger audience than they might

otherwise have. However, the decision on which of the many local and

national companies to use is difficult. Gibson points to several areas

that make Princeton Online stand out from the rest: its relatively

long-term experience with the Internet; its full service and


design, hosting and advertising;. "Every business and non-profit

we have been in contact with has had many questions. We are a friendly

solution provider, ready to sit down and go over the many details

that an online presence entails." Clients as diverse as the


Center at Princeton, N.T. Callaway Real Estate, Main Street Bistro

and Bar, Luttmann’s Luggage, Micawber Books and Princeton Medical

Group have found a home with Princeton Online. Over the summer, new

clients will include Lucy’s Ravioli, Zanzibar, Princeton Animal


and Ellsworth’s Fine Wines and Spirits.

Princeton Online serves the Greater Princeton Area, and one of its

strengths is hosting the Web sites for over 120 non-profit


"There is a wealth of information to be found in the sites of

our non-profits," says Gibson. The Princeton YWCA, YMCA and Adult

School put their course catalogs online; the Master Gardeners feature

tips from Mercer County’s horticulturist; the Historical Society has

its exhibits online, and many include events and links of interest.

In addition, Princeton Online includes an interactive street guide

for directions around the area, free classifieds, a parent education

site called Family Works!, and online forums (such as Ask The Mayor),

selected articles from Town Topics, a public E-mail address directory

with over 500 addresses, a volunteer opportunity directory, and a

non-profit list service to help non-profit organizations communicate

with each other.

"We are excited about helping local businesses and non-profits

harness the power of the Internet to serve their existing customers

and attract new ones."

Princeton Online, Box 1269, Princeton, 609-737-7901. Fax:

609-737-2512. Web Site: E-mail:

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The Productivity Works Inc.

The Productivity Works Inc. is a three-year-old New

Jersey software company active in one of the faster growing market

segments — software to create and deliver alternative access to

the Web. This means access by new devices such as telephones, kiosks,

palm-top devices, game devices, and book reading devices, as well

as alternative interfaces for people who have visual, print, or



The company became known initially for its non-visual Web browser,

pwWebSpeak, which opened the Web to the blind, visually

impaired and dyslexic in 1996, and currently has over 250,000 users

across the world.

The latest version of pwWebSpeak/PLUS incorporates an

E-commerce object so that the reported $175 billion a year that people

with disabilities have as disposable income can add to the rapidly

growing amount of E-commerce taking place. For people with


E-commerce is a natural step and one that Productivity Works believes

will be rapidly embraced.

The current product line now includes pwTelephone, which

provides a scalable server-based product giving generalized or


Web access over the telephone and pwKiosk, browser software

for the touch screen kiosk, ATM, and Interactive Transaction Machine

environments. The pwKiosk software is designed to handle the


requirements as noted in the ADA and other laws.

Through its very active participation in national and international

standards groups such as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the

NISO (National Institute of Standards Organization) digital audio

book effort, and the Open eBook effort, Productivity Works stays at

the forefront of what is happening on the Web.

This has enabled Productivity Works along with its sister company

in Sweden, Labyrinten Data, to become the leading providers of tools

for the creation of Web-based materials that utilize synchronized

audio, text, and images.

The company offers innovative licensing for its products to cover

everything from individuals to entire countries. Both Japan and


have purchased licenses that enable all of the visually impaired


in those countries to access the Web through its pwWebSpeak software.

"Productivity Works has an aggressive growth plan that takes it

to a $60 million a year company in the next 3 years. Leveraging its

leadership position in alternative access technology for the Web,

in setting the standards for this access, and a solid business,


and marketing plan, will make this growth plan a reality." says

Ray Ingram, executive vice president of Productivity Works.

"In the coming year," he continues, "the company will respond

to demand for cross-over technology for telephone and cellular access

to the Web, as well as access for smaller Web-enabled devices such

as Palm-tops and book reading devices. These emerging markets are

huge, and access to E-commerce is one of the key elements of these


The Productivity Works Inc., 7 Belmont Circle, Trenton 08618.

Ray Ingram, Executive V.P. Markku Hakkinen, Chief Technology Officer.

609-984-8044. Fax 609-984-8048. E-mail:


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Snelling Search,

A Division of Snelling Personnel Services

If you employ Information Technology specialists, you

know first hand that the real problem with technology is not about

staying current, it’s about finding expert technology staff.


has come to play a major role with nearly every business out


says Eric Krause, Information Technology Manager at Snelling Search.

"And as such, it has created an unprecedented staffing demand.

But because information technology is such a dynamic field, there

simply are not enough skilled people available." So what do you

do when demand outweighs supply? In such a competitive market, it

becomes an issue of having a staffing firm behind you that knows where

to find the people right for the job.

As a full-service staffing firm, Snelling Personnel Services provides

career placement services, search services, temporary staffing and

project consulting in the Information Technology arena. From computer

programmers, system analysts, and network administrators, all the

way up to Chief Information Officers, Snelling handles staffing



Recently, Snelling’s Princeton office fulfilled two management level

Information Technology positions for clients in San Jose and Chicago.

Snelling had 15 days to complete the searches and fulfill the


"In such a tight time frame," says Krause, "you must work

fast and that demands understanding the client’s needs, knowing where

to find the people, and making the right match."

In Information Technology, job fulfillment can be a tedious process,

requiring more than an ad in the newspaper. In fact, Snelling doesn’t

use advertising to fulfill such positions. "You need to find the

people where they are." Krause analogizes his research staff’s

work to that of being detectives. "The focus," says Krause,

"is on recruitment and offering a reason for a candidate to make

a job move. That reason can be defined by one

word — opportunity."

Snelling Search works with clients on contingency searches and


agreements. With offices in Princeton, Doylestown, Philadelphia,

King of Prussia, and Manhattan, Snelling provides services to


and clients in accounting and finance, banking, insurance, sales and

marketing, office and support services, light industrial, Information

Technology, legal, human resources, retail, and telecommunications


Snelling Personnel Services, 350 Alexander Road, Princeton,

609-683-4040. Fax: 609-683-5621. E-mail: Web Site:

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