#b#New In Town#/b#

Cardinal Technology Solutions LLC, 1100 Cornwall Road, Suite 204, Monmouth Junction 08852; 732-821-7400; fax, 201-633-5279. Eric Magnuson, business development manager. www.cardinalts.com.

Cardinal Technology Solutions, an IT consulting and staffing services firm, has opened on Cornwall Road in Monmouth Junction.

EG&R Environmental Services, 259 Prospect Plains Road, Building B-2, Cranbury 08512; 609-655-2600; fax, 609-655-2630. www.egrenvironmental.com.

EG&R Environmental has moved its corporate headquarters to Cranbury. The firm, which provides environmental engineering, consulting, construction management, and remedation services, maintains an office in Piscataway and others in Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Texas.

Global Media Specialists, 7B Marlen Drive, Hamilton 08691-1632; 609-838-2700. Doug Kerswell, vice president of operations. www.gmsmedia.com.

Global Media Specialists, which designs and develops live and interactive content and presentations, has opened an office on Marlen Drive in Robbinsville.

Maks Financial Services, 822 Executive Drive, Skillman 08558; 732-414-2277. Maksim Netrebov, president. www.maksfs.com.

Maksim Netrebov, a financial planning and asset management specialist, has moved his firm from Marlton to Skillman.

North Mill Capital, 821 Alexander Road, Suite 130, Princeton 08540; 609-917-6200. Jeffrey K. Goldrich, president and CEO. www.northmillcapital.com.

North Mill Capital has opened an office at 821 Alexander Road. The firm provides asset-based loans collateralized by accounts receivable, equipment, and inventory for small and mid-market companies.

Quartesian LLC, 3 Independence Way, Suite 106, Princeton 08540-6626; 609-454-3312; fax, 732-875-0841. Benjamin Jackson, co-founder, CEO.

Quartesian, a contract research organization for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, has opened an office at 3 Independence Way. The firm also has offices in India and Ukraine.

Maxeta, 45 Tamarack Circle, Skillman 08558; 609-356-0178; fax, 908-349-3037. James N. Brouillette, president and founder. www.maxetatech.com.

Longtime engineering and software developer James Brouillette has opened Maxeta, an IT services firm aimed at making businesses more efficient, on Tamarack Circle in Skillman.

Brouillette began his career as an aerodynamic design engineer at Air Products and Chemicals Inc., which operates a facility in Manalapan. He designed industrial equipment over six years, until Internet technologies came on the scene in the early 1990s. Since then he has developed custom software programs that automate business processes.

In 2000 Brouillette co-founded Insert Key Solutions, an IT services firm, before developing Maxeta four years later.

A licensed pilot, Brouillette earned his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Florida and a master’s in the subject from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

#b#Crosstown Moves#/b#

Hollyrock/Miller, 5 Independence Way, Suite 300, Princeton 08540; 609-514-5131. Hugh Miller, CEO. www.hollyrockmiller.com.

Hollyrock/Miller, a marketing communications firm that serves corporate, retail, sports, and entertainment clients, has moved from 117 Rockingham Row in Princeton Forrestal Village. The firm now operates at 5 Independence Way.

HumRRO (Human Resources Research Organization) Center for Survey Research, 4 Princess Road, Suite 204, Lawrenceville 08648; 609-512-3700; fax, 609-512-3730. Lee Robeson, program manager. www.humrro.org.

HumRRO, which performs qualitative and quantitative social research, has moved from 133 Franklin Corner Road to Princess Road.

Lend Lease Inc., 200 Princeton South Corporate Center, Suite 270, Ewing 08638; 609-951-0500; fax, 609-951-0038. Robert W. Thomsen, principal-in-charge. www.lendlease.com.

The New Jersey office of Bovis Lend Lease has moved from Alexander Road and now operates from the Princeton South Corporate Center in Ewing. The firm also has dropped “Bovis” from its name and is simply Lend Lease now.

Market Resource Packaging, 260 Prospect Plains Road, Cranbury 08512; 609-395-6934; fax, 609-395-8398. Joe Jaruszewski, president. www.marketsource.com.

Market Resource Packaging, which provides contract packaging, shrink wrapping, and banding of warehouse clubs, has moved from 51 Commerce Drive to Prospect Plains Road in Cranbury.

Rothenberg & Associates LLC, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 119, Princeton 08540-1302; 609-452-9599; fax, 609-452-1181. Robert S. Rothenberg, managing partner. www.r2law.com.

Rothenberg & Associates, which practices residential and commercial real estate, corporate, and business law, has moved from 600 Alexander Road to the Carnegie Center.

Samuha Inc., 3 Independence Way, Suite 204, Princeton 08540; 609-716-8848. Gauthaman Thangaraju, vice president.

Samuha, an IT services firm, has move from 1100 Cornwall Road to Independence Way.

SoVoz Inc., 38 Cherry Brook Drive, Princeton 08540; 609-799-8544; fax, 609-228-1277. Stephen H. Lane PhD, president. www.sovoz.com.

SoVoz, which develops virtual reality embodied user-interfaces and 3-D simulations for education, training, and gaming, has moved from 14 Washington Road.

The firm was founded by Stephen Lane, a veteran of the computer software field and virtual/simulated technology. After receiving his Ph.D. from Princeton University, Lane co-founded Robicon Systems to develop advanced technologies in robotics and artificial intelligence. In 1993 he co-founded Katrix to commercialize the technologies developed at Robicon, for use in interactive entertainment and computer animation markets.

Lane founded SoVoz in 1999 to commercialize the behavioral animation technology developed at Robicon and Katrix. Outside of SoVoz, he is an adjunct professor of computer science at Penn, where he also is director of the computer graphics and game technology master’s program. He earned his bachelor’s in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Cornell and his master’s in systems engineering from UCLA. He also earned a master’s and his Ph.D. degrees in mechanical and aerospace engineering from Princeton.

Stone & McCarthy Research Associates Inc., 2 Research Way, Second Floor, Princeton 08540; 609-683-5237; fax, 609-683-9580. Raymond W. Stone/Francis W. McCarthy Jr., managing directors. www.smra.com.

Stone & McCarthy, which conducts income and economic research, has moved from 101 Business Park Drive to Research Way.

Sympatec Inc., 1600 Reed Road, Suite C, Pennington 08534; 609-303-0066; fax, 609-303-0355. Stefan Steigerwald, COO. www.sympatec.com.

Sympatec, the North American subsidiary of a German firm specializing in particle measurement systems for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemicals industries, has moved from 9 Princess Road in Lawrenceville to Pennington.

Travel Goods Association, 301 North Harrison Street, Suite 412, Princeton 08540; 877-842-1938; fax, 877-482-1938. Michele M. Pittenger, president. www.travel-goods.org.

Travel Goods Association, a national organization for the luggage and travel accessory industry and publisher of Travel Goods Showcase, has moved from 5 Vaughn Drive to a space at the Princeton Shopping Center.

National Workrights Institute, 128 Stone Cliff Road, Princeton 08540; 609-683-0313; fax, 609-683-1787. Lewis Maltby, director. www.workrights.org.

The office of the National Taskforce on Civil Liberties in the Workplace has left Research Park and now operates mainly online from 128 Stone Cliff Road.

The National Workrights Institute was founded in 2000 to fight for human rights in the workplace. The agency’s executive director, Lew Maltby, is a former Philadelphia public defender who spent 12 years at Drexel Controls Inc., a manufacturer of controls for chemical and industrial companies. Eventually working in Drexel’s human resources department, Maltby found there were ways to be a boss and still see the person behind the worker. This led him to the ACLU, for which he went to work in the late 1980s. His division eventually became the Workrights Institute, operating independently from the ACLU.

#b#Leaving Town#/b#

SMC Fixed Income Management LP, 3 Independence Way, Princeton.

SMC, a financial firm that specializes in fixed income mutual funds and separately managed portfolios, appears to have left its office on Independence Way. The firm’s telephone number and website do not work and there is no record of the company through 411.

Absolute Best Care, 15 Seminary Avenue, Hopewell.

Absolute Best Care, which provides nannies, baby nurses, housekeepers, and baby sitters to households, has moved to Manalapan. The firm can be reached at 732-972-4090.

An Affordable Alternative, 418 Wall Street, Princeton.

After 24 years providing word processing and secretarial services, An Affordable Alternative appears to have left Princeton. The firm’s office at Research Park is empty and the phone number now belongs to a forensics investigator based in Cleveland.

Aton Pharma Inc., 3150 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence. www.atonrx.com.

Aton, a developer of drugs for neurological, cardiovascular, and ophthalmic diseases, has left its Lawrence offices and now operates in Bridgewater. The company can be reached at 908-927-1400.

In May, 2010, Canadian drugmaker Valeant bought Aton for approximately $318 million in a bid to enhance Valeant’s neurology line. Valeant owns the rights to most of Aton’s products, but Aton maintains its name.

BCI (BERL), 45 Stouts Lane, Monmouth Junction. www.bcisites.com.

BCI, which designs and installs wireless and fiber optic networks within or between buildings, has left Stouts Lane in Monmouth Junction and now operates in Fair Lawn. The company can be reached at 201-791-3200.

Commonwealth Business Media, 50 Millstone Road, Cranbury. www.cbizmedia.com.

Five years after it was acquired by UBM Global Media for $152 million, Commonwealth Business Media has left its offices on Millstone Drive.

Commonwealth built its business on developing media products and proprietary business information databases. UBM, a U.K.-based business information firm, can be reached at www.cbizmedia.com or at www.ubm.com.

First Financial Brokerage Inc., 5 Independence Way, Princeton.

First Financial, an equipment leasing firm, has vacated Independence Way and has left no forwarding contact information.

Fraser Research, 182 Nassau Street. Alexander G. Fraser, president.

Fraser Research, a not-for-profit research firm that supports a national communications infrastructure and graduate research in telecommunications, has moved to Bernardsville. The company can be reached at 908-766-1126.

Interlink Healthcare Communications (IPG), 989 Lenox Drive, Lawrenceville. Larry J. Iaquinto, president. www.interlinkhc.com.

Interlink Healthcare, a medical advertising agency for pharmaceutical and health imaging, has moved its headquarters to Manhattan. The company can be reached at 212-605-4898.

James Mahon, Attorney at Law, 10 Gordon Avenue, Lawrenceville.

James Mahon appears to have moved his general law practice from Gordon Avenue. The firm’s number is out of service and there is no forwarding information.

The Princeton Entertainment Organization, 1580 Reed Road, Pennington. Edward Kasses, president.

Princeton Entertainment Organization, producers of live entertainment, tours, and television specials, has left its location on Reed Road in Pennington and left no forwarding address. The firm’s telephone number has been changed but also gives no forwarding information.

Utica National Insurance, 50 Millstone Road, East Windsor.

Utica National Insurance has closed its regional claim office in East Windsor and dispersed its personnel to offices in Pennsylvania and New York. The firm can be reached at 315-235-6600.

#b#Gone Virtual#/b#

Six Sigma Qualtec Inc. 609-689-4959. John Lopez-Ona, president. www.ssqi.com.

SSQI, which provides business performance improvement training, consulting, and technology solutions, has left its office at 821 Alexander Road and is now operating virtually.

#b#Out of Business#/b#

Environmental Health Science, 418 Wall Street, Princeton.

David Goldberg has closed Environmental Health Sciences, a distributor of medical equipment, speech devices for people with no voice, and computer access for the disabled. Goldberg now works for Tobii, which makes augmentative communications devices. Goldberg can be reached at 609-462-2548 or 609-681-5838.

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