Times are rarely easy for nonprofits. Money, even in a flush economy, is tough to come by. And so are longterm volunteers.

For 14 years Princeton Community Works, an annual collection of workshops to promote nonprofits and community service, has put nonprofit organizations and potential volunteers in touch with each other. This year, with times still tight, nonprofits are paying more attention to their human capital than they have in a long time.

This year’s Community Works features 20 workshops and takes place on Monday, January 24, from 5 to 9:15 p.m. at Princeton University’s Frist Center. Cost: $29, which includes a box supper, refreshments, enrollment in two workshops, and workshop materials. Visit www.princetoncommunityworks.org.

One of the breakout sessions is “All Aboard: Attracting and Retaining Volunteers” by #b#Adrienne Rubin#/b#, executive director of VolunteerConnect. Rubin says that finding the right volunteers for any agency is like finding the right employee. It all lies in what a person’s strengths are and how easily that person fits into the role. The person who is good at meeting and greeting might not be so adept at event planning, for example. So the best way to make everyone happy is to connect the right job to the person who can do it.

VolunteerConnect (formerly Hands On Helpers), helps connect nonprofits and potential volunteers, provides volunteer management training, professional development and support to nonprofits, and helps businesses maximize their employee engagement efforts. Before taking over at VolunteerConnect, Rubin served as associate director for class affairs at Princeton University, managing Princeton reunions and supporting class volunteers and alumni in community service and civic engagement programs. She earned her bachelor’s in music theory and composition from Princeton.

The keynote speaker for Community Works this year is Anthony #b#D.J. Branker#/b#, senior lecturer in jazz studies and founder and director of the jazz studies program at Princeton.

A career jazz and music teacher, Branker directs an extensive list of ensembles and has been a member of the faculty at the Manhattan School of Music, Rutgers, CUNY, Ursinus College, and the New Jersey Summer Arts Institute. He holds a doctorate and master’s of education from Columbia and a bachelor’s in music from Princeton, Class of 1980.

#b#Community Works Workshops#/b#

”The Art and Science of Donor Stewardship” by Anne Seltzer, Anne Seltzer Development Strategies.

“Raising Money In Difficult Times” by Elizabeth Wagner, Princeton Area Community Foundation.

“Strike Up the Band: Creating An Exceptional Annual Campaign” by Paschell Sutton, nonprofit volunteer.

“The Grant Writer’s Toolbox: Tips and Tricks In a Tough Economy” by Katherine Durante, Oceanfirst Foundation.

“Beyond Pass/Fail: Measuring And Evaluating Programs To Fuel Improvement” by Nancy Kieling and Michelle Cash, Princeton Area Community Foundation.

“Ten Tips for Creating a Climate that Fosters a Sense of Community Based On Inclusion, Respect and Appreciation” by Marge Smith, Community Works.

“Leadership Development: Engaging Your Team” by Barry Sagotsky, Magnolia Lane Consulting.

“How To Say ‘Hi’ Online: Adopting Etiquette To New Technology” by Terry Ebert, Ayers Group.

“Are You Listening: Increase Effectiveness and Improve Listening Skills” by Dorothy Eckes West, Evolutionary Coach.

“Making It a Two-Way Street: Innovative Ways To Connect Your Organization To the People It Serves.” Panelists: the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel, Crisis Ministry; Elizabeth Casparian, HiTops; Shari Sabath, Twin Towers; Sally Osmer, NAMI Mercer.

“All Aboard: Attracting and Retaining Volunteers” by Adrienne Rubin, VolunteerConnect.

“Help! I Need A Paying Job: Leveraging Your Volunteer Experience and Putting Your Best Foot Forward” by Joy McFerren, human resource executive.

“Identifying, Recruiting, and Cultivating Board Members: Defining Roles and Expectations, Providing Training, Making the Most of Committees” by Linda Meisel, Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

“The Urge To Merge: Is Merger Right? Finding The Right Partner” by Eleanor Horne, ETS.

“The Elements of Good Financial Stewardship: How the Dollars Make Sense” by Sherise Ritter and Jack Fein, Mercadien Group.

“The Legal Aspects of Non-Profits: A General Primer” by Nancy Eberhardt, Pro Bono Partnership.

“The ABCs of Starting a Nonprofit” by Veena Seelochan, Pro Bono Partnership.

“Nonprofit Lifecycles and Culture: A Proactive Approach To Growth and Development” by Heather Robinson and Jeff Sobel, Partnership In Philanthropy.

“Got Web?: Enhance Your Nonprofit Through Effective Website Design and Management” by Colleen Miller, Data Center Knowledge.

“Face(Book) It: Embracing Social Networking To Promote Your Organization” Alicia Jones, Strategy Solutions.

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