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Commercial Real Estate: Software Fruitbasket

After 10 years on Route 206 Princeton Softech is pulling

up stakes and moving to larger quarters at University Square on


Road, where it will sublease the space, furniture and all, currently

occupied by Computer Associates. Meanwhile that group of Computer

Associates employees — who started out working for Logic Works

— will join their compatriates on Orchard Road.

Computer Associates owns the Orchard Road building, and when it was

known as ADR it had 600 employees there. Now it has just over 300

employees and sublets some of the building to Opinion Research and

Blessing/White. About 80 will come from the offices at University

Square and bring the total up to 400 by this summer, a spokesperson


Princeton Softech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Computer Horizons,

works on component-based development tools, E-business solutions,

and E-data technologies. Joe Allegra, president of Princeton Softech,

says he has 22,000 square feet now but will stretch out into 52,000

when he makes the move in March. Cushman and Wakefield represented

Computer Associates and Robert T. Morford of the Garibaldi Group


Computer Horizons.

Princeton Softech (CHRZ), 1060 State Road, Suite

201, Princeton 08542-1423. Joseph A. Allegra, president. 609-688-5000;

fax, 609-497-0302. Http://www.princetonsoftech.com.

Computer Associates (CA), Route 206 and Orchard

Road, Box 8, Princeton 08543-0008. 908-874-9000; fax, 908-874-9420.

Home page: http://www.cai.com.

Computer Associates, 111 Campus Drive, University

Square at Princeton, Princeton 08540. 609-514-1177; fax, 609-514-1175.

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Expansions: Transco

With a 10,500-mile-network of underground pipes


from the Gulf of Mexico to New York City, Transcontinental Gas Pipe

Line Corp. is one of the major transporters of natural gas to the

Northeast. Part of Williams Gas Pipeline in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Transco

has a home office in Houston and until recently a 10,000-square-foot

office serving New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and part of New York at 214

Carnegie Center.

That office just moved to a building formerly owned by Druker, Rahl

& Fein at the intersection of Canal Pointe Boulevard and Farber Road.

The deal closed last month. The building used to have the address

of 200 Canal Pointe but is now known, according to West Windsor


original plan, as 99 Farber Road with the Princeton 08540 zip code.

The building sold for $1,525,000. Bill Barish of Commercial Property

Network marketed the building and represented the buyer as well.


Rahl et al relocated to Quakerbridge Road.

Transco’s purchase of the building was a cost-saving move, says Mario

DiCocco, operations director of the Princeton office. "Our


operating costs are much less in a building that we have control


he says.

But Transco is also seeing a fair share of business expansion because

of the newly deregulated energy market in New Jersey. The company,

which already has contracts with several distribution companies


PSE&G, may be teaming up with energy companies moving in from out

of state. "Deregulation will bring in more competition and more

demand for natural gas," says DiCocco, a civil engineer with a

degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Class of 1977.

"If an independent power producer comes in and decides to build

a power plant they may contract with us directly. We’re working with

some of the new power producers and existing customers and we’re


to be ready for demand."

Thus, Transco proposed the Market Link Project — a plan to lay

pipes in various parts of New Jersey where energy companies are


about building new power plants. "There are presently several

power plants on the books to be built and they will need fuel to run

them," says DiCocco. "I think our biggest challenges are being

able to build our infrastructure to build the pipelines that we need

to meet the growing needs of the northeast. "

The project has yet to be approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory

Commission but, says DiCocco, "they gave us some direction to

move forward." Transco also has to face competition from


in the same market as Duke Energy.

Transcontinental was formed in the 1940s, and even owned offshore

wells in the Gulf of Mexico for some time. It merged with Williams

in 1995 and now focuses solely on transporting natural gas.

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corp., 99 Farber

Road, Princeton 08540. Mario DiCocco, director. 609-936-2400; fax,

609-936-2430. Home page: http://www.williams.com.

— Melinda Sherwood

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Start-Ups: Advantage Insurance

Advantage Insurance, 4444 Route 27, Kingston,


Maxine Millstein, president. 609-279-9919; fax, 609-279-9920. E-mail


"After being with someone else for 20 years," says Maxine

Millstein, "I decided to fly alone." Millstein, who previously

worked at Sturhahn Dickinson & Bernard (SDB) Insurance at 14 Main

Street in Kingston, has opened her new agency, Advantage Insurance,

just up the road.

Millstein has allied herself with several associates with specialties

in the specific areas she sells. "Clients who know me know I’m

very thorough. I’m a person who takes the time to listen. Not only

can you call and get insurance, but I’m someone you can call for


Service is a very important part of insurance, Millstein says.


insurance, there’s nothing to show for what you buy. What I can at

least do is give an explanation." She frowns at some of the


and their impersonal treatments of customers. "That’s something

nice about having a small office — whenever you call, you’re going

to get me."

The mother of two college-age children, she lives in Bucks County.

Advantage has a sister company in Holland, Pennsylvania, and

Millstein splits her time evenly between the two branches. She doesn’t

mind the challenge of starting up two businesses at the same time.

"It’s great," she says. "I love it."

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New in Town: ZZ Soft

ZZSoft Inc., 600 Alexander Road, Princeton 08540.

Margaret Ward, vice president of marketing. 609-951-9222; fax,



A software developer, ZZSoft, Inc. has opened a branch in Princeton.

Led by Margaret Ward, vice president of marketing, the new office

is poised to provide better service to its east coast clients.

Based in Provo, Utah, ZZSoft has locations across America, the United

Kingdom, and Asia. Its main product, Eclipse, is a powerful database

package aimed at publishers. In addition to circulation fulfillment,

the Windows-based system also tracks demographics and audit


manages agency accounts, and handles payments, among other things.

A new Internet module allows customers to make changes and order


online. "It runs all the back office operations," Ward says.

What sets ZZSoft apart from other software developers is the advanced

scope of its product, says Ward. "We really channel customers’

needs. Our product is scalable, and relatively easy to install. It

has a host of options for big guys as well as little guys."

ZZSoft’s clients range from large journals to E-publishers, Ward says.

The Eclipse database is behind the Wall Street Journal European


and UK publishers Blackwells, and the company has recently signed

with Cambridge University Press.

A native of Washington, D.C., Ward is an alumna of the University

of Colorado at Boulder, Class of 1989, and has worked in D.C. as


publisher at National Journal, a publisher of many government and

policy publications.

Her husband continues to work in D.C. as chief technology officer

at Avectra, a software company providing solutions for associations.

Ward settled on Princeton as the office location, partly for its


name value, but also because for its prime location, near publishing

hubs of New York and Washington. "We’re able to span very easily

from Boston to Atlanta," Ward says. "Now we can be a lot more


— Erin Ellis

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Thomas C. Tsao, 36, on January 20. He was vice president

in the information technology department at Merrill Lynch, Scudders

Mill Road.

Robert Jay Axelrod, 63, on January 22. He was a partner

with the law firm Levinson Axelrod in Edison.

James Baglivi, 51, on January 25. He was a purchasing

agent for Dow Jones on Route 1 North.

Warren Philo Elmer Jr., 79, on January 25. Elmer worked

at Princeton University and helped found its development office.

Ida Klatzkin, 93, on January 30. She had been an assistant

to her late husband in his accounting firm, Klatzkin & Company, now

on Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road.

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