Believe it or not, constructive and informative commentary can result from anonymous online comments on our website, One reader of our February 27 cover story on new residential developments in New Brunswick noted:

“It’s all true and all good. But, and importantly, Devco and the City of New Brunswick added more than 1,000 new affordable housing units in the City. This commitment has insured that New Brunswick welcomes all — students, seniors, yuppies, empty nesters and even those just trying to get by. Sadly, many towns ‘forget’ those folks and there needs to be safe and decent places for them to live too. Kudos to Christopher Paladino of DEVCO and Mayor Jim Cahill for playing the long game and doing it so well!”

Though U.S. 1’s content is typically geared toward its readership — working professionals for whom affordable housing is not usually a concern — other perspectives are a welcome contribution, especially when that extra information is the good news that New Brunswick’s less fortunate are not being left behind amid the flurry of high-end development.

Regardless of perspective, readers’ thoughts are always welcome, online or in an old-fashioned letter to the editor.

#b#To the Editor: After 19 Years Mission Continues#/b#

As I prepare to leave the Health Care Ministry of Princeton, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Princeton community who has supported our work. Those of us who work in the nonprofit sector think of ourselves as people who care for others, who serve others, and who support those in need. We don’t think of ourselves first as recipients of caring. Yet if it were not for so many in our community who cared for us, we at the Health Care Ministry would not be able to fulfill our mission of assisting the elderly to remain independent in their homes as long as that is safely possible. If individuals did not give of their time as volunteers, if donors did not give us funding, if foundations did not provide grants, if businesses did not give support, or if other organizations did not partner with us, we would not be able to give.

The board of trustees of the Health Care Ministry has named Beth Scholz as our new executive director. Beth is very fortunate to work in a community that values service and caring. I’m sure it will not take her long to see and experience the generosity of the Princeton Community.

Thank you for all the support you have given to the Health Care Ministry throughout the 19 years that I have been associated with it.

Carol L. Olivieri

Executive Director

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