Vibrant color! Luminous color! Transforming color! Colors play a role in our well being! Color is light energy — the molecular energy source with which every living cell vibrates in sync. Color’s a source of healing! Color impacts us — physiologically, behaviorally! Colors can stimulate, increase focus, or over stimulate. In homes, schools, restaurants, and work places, choice of light source and color have visual effects — positive and negative — on health and on mood! Color preference has been validated with regard to personality traits, but the choice is adaptive, can change with new situations. Your wardrobe colors can be your trademark. Note, though, wearing certain colors influences your performance and the perception of others.

Mankind has explored using spectral light therapeutically from Ancient Egyptian times to today. From “bathing” in a specific color, we’ve advanced to using spectral light medically as a compact one color ray — a laser beam. And along with possibilities for life in space, NASA has used light emitting diodes to study plant growth beyond Earth. Now the agency is conducting studies pertaining to using light emitting diodes for the healing of wounds and, more relevant to space, for the use of bluish and reddish LED modules to simulate conditions for alertness and sleep on the ISS.

How does color healing work?

Every color has a distinct vibration frequency and temperature (temperature sensitizes the blind to color). Light enters our eyes (even skin); the brain processes the specific frequency and directs that vibration to different parts of our body — parts that normally vibrate at that color’s frequency. Sympathetic vibration occurs. Imbalance is balanced and healing is achieved.

A recognized artist, decorator, and practitioner of chromo-therapy, area resident Eva Kaplan has presented color workshops for professional women’s organizations, educator conferences, adult communities, Mensa, Association for Humanistic Psychology, March of Dimes benefits, artists, art associations, corporate organizations, theaters, and at hotel-sponsored events. She has had appearances on television and radio broadcasts. Her work related to home decor has been highlighted in past news features about her endeavors. Such an article, “Color Your Home to match your moods,” presented Eva’s additional insight that “the color you live with can affect not only your mood, but interaction among those sharing a home.”

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