If you are the parent of a college-bound student, you are likely wondering how you are going to pay for his or her college education especially in the face of ever-rising costs. College Funding Alternatives, Inc. now entering its 12th year, helps parents take or regain control by guiding them through the college admissions and financial aid process.

“If you are like most people, you’ll probably end up doing this on your own and spending way more time, energy and money than necessary to send your child to college, said Kevin Simme, founder of College Funding Alternatives. “Or even worse, you’ll end up mortgaging your house to the hilt, spending your entire life savings, taking on way too much in college loans, or sending your child to the least expensive school rather than the best-matched school to which they are accepted.”

College Funding Alternatives, Inc., with headquarters in Princeton Junction, provides assistance to parents throughout the country advising students and parents using a five- step process from picking the perfect school to innovative, personalized how-to-pay plan strategies.

Simme, a nationally recognized college funding consultant, started his career with a college marketing company in the mid-80s. During that time he had the opportunity to visit nearly every major university in the United States and a few in Canada. He started College Funding Alternatives, Inc in 1998 because he recognized that the information parents were getting about college admissions and financial aid was often too late and incorrect resulting in parents losing thousands of dollars in the process. In addition, many parents were not applying for aid because they thought they made too much money to qualify.

Simme said that the ideal candidates for College Funding Alternatives, Inc’s services are families with college-bound students who are in their sophomore or junior year of high school. “Timing is essential if there is to be any opportunity to maximize a family’s eligibility for financial aid,” he said. “Clearly, the job of college financial aid offices is to offer as little as possible to have any one student attend their college while it is the job of parents to get as much aid as possible.” Simme presents free educational seminars for all interested students and parents to explain how this system works, how the high school guidance offices can be helpful, how to pick colleges that will give your student the most free money, and why television “experts” and others such as family, friends and neighbors can be hazardous to your wealth.

After attending a free seminar, parents can make an appointment for a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss any questions or concerns they have regarding their personal situation. Information is also shared about the five-step process of College Funding Alternatives, Inc. including career profiling and college selection, financial aid preplanning, completion of financial aid forms, negotiating the best aid packages, and establishing a personal how-to-pay-for-college plan.

College Funding Alternatives, Inc is located at 186 Princeton Hightstown Road (Route 571), Building 4A, 2nd Floor, in Princeton Junction. You can reach Kevin Simme at 609-799-2500 ext 2 for more information.

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