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Cockroach Survival

Hanan Davidowitz, a biophysicist at NEC Research


on Independence Way, has made a discovery in the puzzling question

of why cockroaches have survived as a species for hundreds of millions

of years. His work on the escape responses triggered by air movement

detected by tiny hairs on the rear of the roach was published in the

June 15 edition of the journal "Nature" and was featured on

National Public Radio last week.

Davidowitz and his post doctoral student Dima Rinberg share a lab

with Rob DeRuyter, who studies blowflies (U.S. 1, November 18, 1998).

For this experiment Davidowitz constructed special wind tunnels to

measure how cockroaches tell the difference between ordinary breezes

and air movements created by a predator such as a descending broom

or boot. "The cockroach senses minute air movements using tiny

hairs on two posterior appendages called cerci," writes


"It can surmise the direction of an attack and scurry away to

avoid being eaten. Neural signals from the hairs converge on the


abdominal ganglion where the wind information is processed, and are

then conveyed further by giant interneurons."

How to outsmart the cockroaches? Scoop them up using the nozzle of

a vacuum cleaner, says Davidowitz. For the cockroaches to evolve a

defense against the Electrolux will take another 100 million years.

NEC Research Institute Inc. (NIPNY), 4 Independence

Way, Princeton 08540. David Waltz, president. 609-520-1555; fax,


Home page:

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Management Moves

Princeton University Communications Office,


Hall, Princeton 08544-5264. 609-258-3600; fax, 609-258-1301. Home


Lauren Robinson-Brown will be the new director of communications in

August, succeeding Justin Harmon, who is now at Wesleyan University.

A member of Princeton’s Class of 1985, where she majored in English,

earned a certificate in Afro-American studies, she went for a master’s

degree in journalism from Columbia.

She worked as a reporter for the Star-Ledger, the Dallas Times-Herald,

and the Boston Globe, and freelanced for such local and national


as Black Enterprise Magazine. She was executive director and press

secretary for the Boston school board in 1994, was appointed director

of communications for the New Jersey’s Department of State in 1994,

and was promoted to assistant secretary of state in 1998.

New Jersey Commerce & Economic Growth Commission,

20 West State Street, Box 820, Trenton 08625-0820. 609-777-0885; fax,


Charles E. "Sandy" Hance succeeds Gualberto Medina as


and CEO of the commerce and economic growth commission. Hance went

to Trinity College, Class of 1965, and to law school at Columbia.

Currently in private practice, he had worked in Peapack for 23 years

for Beneficial Management Corporation of America as senior vice


and general counsel.

Medical Society of New Jersey, 2 Princess Road,

Lawrenceville 08648. Vincent A. Maressa, executive director.


fax, 609-896-1368. Home page:

Walter Kahn MD was installed as the 208th president of the society,

replacing Irving P. Ratner MD. An alumnus of Temple and the University

of Chicago School of Medicine, Kahn is an ophthalmologist in Red Bank.

The organization promotes quality health care through assistance to

member physicians. It publishes the magazine New Jersey Medicine.

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SNPE North America Inc., 101 College Road East,

Princeton 08540. Dan Slick, chief executive officer. 609-987-9424;

fax, 609-987-2767.

The Paris, France-based chemical firm expanded from 5 Vaughn Drive

to 101 College Road East. SNPE stands for Society of National Powder

and Explosives. Founded in 1985, it has nine employees, and is


its Vaughn Drive office to Biovid Corp.

Biovid Corp., 5 Vaughn Drive, Suite 111, Princeton

08540-6313. Andrew D. Aprill, team executive. 609-750-1400; fax,


Home page:

Andrew Aprill has moved his two-year-old pharmaceutical marketing

research firm from Carnegie Executive Center to 2,200 square feet,

sublet from SNPE, at 5 Vaughn Drive. The firm has doubled in growth

every year and has already eclipsed last year’s revenue, says Aprill.

An alumnus of the University of Nebraska, Class of 1985, Aprill has

a PhD in social psychology and statistics from Temple and was a


fellow at the Institute for Survey Research in Philadelphia. Before

founding his own firm he worked at Strategic Marketing Corporation

and Data Tactics, both in Philadelphia, and his competitors in this

area include Total Research on Independence Way and Migliara Kaplan

on College Road East.

"We work with the big pharmaceutical companies and are taking

a slightly different approach from our competitors," says Aprill.

"We’re a small company comprised of five senior level researchers,

and we put senior level people on every phase of every project. We

integrate ourselves with a product team to work on high profile


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Hanan M. Isaacs PC, 601 Ewing Street, Suite C-12

Princeton Professional Park, Princeton 08540. Hanan M. Isaacs,

president. 609-683-7400; fax, 609-921-8982. Home page:

The telephone number for Isaacs’ law practice listed in the June 14,

2000 article on alternative dispute resolution, was incorrect. He can

be reached at 609-683-7400.

Sandra Byer-Lubin MS RD CDE, 22 Highmont Drive,

West Windsor 08550. 609-275-6237; fax, 609-275-0273. Home page:

Information for this registered dietitian and nutritionist were


in the U.S. 1 Health and Fitness Directory. Byer-Lubin offers


for weight control, cholesterol, diabetes, and other medical needs.

Center for Counseling & Psychotherapy, 183 Franklin

Corner Road, Second Floor, Lawrenceville 08648. 609-896-0303; fax,


This center was inadvertently omitted from the Health and Fitness

Directory. Lillian Baum Tenney MD is the psychiatrist here, and the

center also includes psychologist Michael Litchman PhD and Nancy Baker

ACSW, social worker.

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Crosstown Moves

Advanced Biomedical Research Inc., 10 South Main

Street, Pennington 08534. Michael Willitt, president and CEO.


fax, 609-818-0026. Home page:

Advanced Biomedical Research made its move from temporary quarters

at 600 Alexander Road to 4,500 square feet in the historic district

of Pennington, the former Electro Chemical Society headquarters.


Property Network represented both buyer and seller. ABR does


consulting and contract research operations including clinical study

management, monitoring, biostatistics, data management, medical


regulatory affairs and submissions.

American Lumi Corp., 3490 Route 1 North, Princeton

Service Center, Building 7 C, Princeton 08540. J. Lee, marketing


609-734-9091; fax, 609-395-0970.

The engineering services company moved from Cranbury Plaza, 2525 Route

130, at Princeton Service Center. It offers services for chemical

and electronic materials.

ComNet Mortgage Services, 144 Tamarack Circle,

Skillman 08558. Alec Rabinowitz, branch manager. 800-924-9091; fax,


The mortgage division of Commonwealth Bank has moved from the Village

Shopper to Tamarack Circle. ComNet is a national discount lender that

boasts no application fee and competitive rates. The bank is federally

chartered and serves North and Central New Jersey.

DPRA Inc., 208 Wall Street, Princeton 08540. Tony

Montrone, principal. 609-279-2123; fax, 609-279-2150. Home page:

This environmental health and safety consulting firm, based in


Kansas, doubled its space with a move down the block from 258 to 208

Wall Street and has 1,750 square feet with four employees. Montrone

is a 12-year veteran of the federal Environmental Protection Agency

and worked for Arthur D. Little and Environ before opening this


For one of his earlier jobs he spent a year in -50 degree weather

checking out the Trans Alaska Pipeline System for the U.S. Congress.

The pipeline is actually a very sound operation, says Montrone.

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Blair Clark, 82, on June 6. He was a former vice president

of CBS News and editor of The Nation, and he managed Eugene McCarthy’s

presidential campaign.

Geoffrey Morris 48, on June 7, of a heart attack in the

swimming pool at the College of New Jersey. He had a doctorate in

neuro-pharmacology from Duke.

Angela Rose Jaruszewski, 58, on June 9. She was a dining

services manager at Princeton University and a piano teacher.

Anthony Pez, 74, on June 9. He owned Antonio’s Restaurant

on Upper Ferry Road.

Helen N. Cook, 72, on June 9. She had been a senior


specialist at Princeton University and a library specialist in the

Lawrence schools.

Ida L. Connolly, 88, on June 10. A textile designer and

fitness instructor for Dancing for Fitness, she founded the Hamilton


Dana Rhea Dodson, 31, on June 11. A model and fitness

competitor, she worked for First Bank of Central Jersey in North


Carlos M. Worthen, 28, on June 11. He was a reconversion

tax analyst for Cenlar Mortgage Banking.

Judith A. Smires, 52, on June 12. She worked at Covance

Inc. at the Carnegie Center and previously at McGraw-Hill Inc. and


Mary B. Lawson, 58, on June 12. She had worked at


in the Princeton Shopping Center.

Kathleen Rainbow Evans, 51, on June 15. She worked at

the Princeton Diner and MarketFair’s Greenstreet Cafe.

Carolyn L. Hein, 51, on June 16. She was an accountant at

McGraw Hill.

Cantella & Co. Inc., 221 Commons Way, Montgomery

Commons, Princeton 08540. Russell Conrad, partner. 609-252-9000; fax,


These stockbrokers moved from Research Park.

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