it is evening after storm
— the one titled “Nor’easter Four”—
I drive with excessive caution
between fields devoted to farms
passing, first, the owl-wood
then harriers’ hunting grounds

on my left, hefty cows graze
as though any winter’s day
dark shapes contrasting with silos
gleaming with increasing sunset

the ruddy barn to my right
could be bonfire itself
constructed and ignited
by Thor and his henchmen
countering skies the hue
of antique pewter

perhaps tonight
short-eared owls will prowl
again, just as returned sun

“Nor’easter Four” having been agent
controlling travel
for short-ears and snowies
destined for the Arctic

Carolyn Foote Edelmann is co-founder of Princeton’s Cool Women Poets and spent three semesters as the first member of the community admitted to Princeton University’s creative writing class. Poetry is vital to her, but preservation always takes precedence.

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