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Clancy Paul’s New Owner: Radhey Gupta


Glenn Paul says that one of the reasons he started

is because he had put so much money into Clancy Paul Computers (Clancy

Paul Systems Solutions) and was looking for a bigger upside for his

investor. "We got out of that business as gracefully as we could,"

says Paul. He let go of all the Clancy Paul locations except the one

in the Princeton Shopping Center, and that one was sold to Radhey


Gupta has no illusions about the hardware business. Not only are many

of the small computer stores folding, but the big box stores are having

trouble too. It may be that the store where the owner is greeting

the customers and guaranteeing the service will be the only success

story in this industry.

Gupta, who comes from Delhi, worked for 18 years for IBM in West Orange,

where he focused on mainframe development. "I wanted to start

something of my own, and got this opportunity," he says. "Clancy

Paul has been in the business for 20 years, and I can use my software

skills, along with the hardware, to cater to the small business community."

"It is very hard to be in the hardware business, because of the

competition on the Internet," says Gupta, who plans to leverage

his good walk-in traffic and soon will open on Saturday. With three

employees, "I can focus on the software, and that is what we are

shooting for right now. We are doing web design for a couple of people,

and I am helping people to learn accounting software."

Gupta lives in West Windsor with his wife, Abha, who owns the Windsor

Happy School. They have a daughter who is a freshman at the NYU’s

Sloan School of Business, and a ninth grade son who will work in the

store this summer.

"We can custom build your computer with exactly what you need,

so you don’t pay for what you don’t need. And because we have technical

people on the staff, we can give almost free service on the phone,"

says Gupta. He is careful not to make too many promises: "My father,

a sales manager for the textile industry, taught me you can sell anyone

one time, but to succeed, you have to be true when you talk to your


His best-seller now is a buy-ahead service contract. "If you have

a couple of employees and have IBM compatible computers, you can buy

service time for 10, 20, or 30 hours."

In the final analysis, the local store can shine when it comes to

speed. "Our policy is 24-hour turnaround," says Gupta. "If

your computer is down, you cannot do anything. When we tell customers

we will fix their computers by the next day, they don’t believe it."

— Barbara Fox

Clancy Paul Systems Solutions, 301 North Harrison

Street, Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton 08540. Radhey Gupta,

owner. 609-683-0060; fax, 609-683-0071. Home page:

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