The appropriately named Will Watts, regional project manager for Tesla Supercharger, will speak at the Princeton Area Alumni Association’s monthly Propellers entrepreneurship event. The talk takes place Tuesday, April 11, at 6 p.m. at the Quadrangle Club at 33 Prospect Avenue in Princeton. Registration is required. For more information, visit www.princeton­

Watts now works for Tesla, the California-based electric car manufacturer, which is building a network of “superchargers” around the country to make driving its vehicles more convenient.

Tesla now has nearly 200,000 vehicles on the road worldwide and made headlines recently when its stock price climbed over the $300 mark and made it the nation’s second ranked car company, behind General Motors and ahead of Ford.

Tesla hopes to introduce its Model 3 car, priced at around $35,000, by the end of this year. It projects that it will produce the Model 3 at a rate of about 500,000 cars a year y the end of 2018.

Watts has been occupied with the revolution in transportation before he even joined Tesla. He founded three startups of his own, including a bamboo bicycle company while an undergraduate at Princeton in the Class of 2009.

Watts’s talk will focus on the challenges and advantages of an entrepreneurial background in a large company and on the ever-changing world of electric vehicles.

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