Engaged. Confident. Ready. At Chapin, our students learn. They learn how to ask questions. They learn how to experiment. They learn how to learn.

Chapin’s academic program challenges students daily. More is expected here. A full embrace of multi-disciplinary subjects — science, technology, math, fine and performing arts, world languages — Mandarin, French, and Spanish — and interscholastic athletics is essential to preparing our students for selective high schools and colleges.

The school’s five virtues — respect, responsibility, honesty, kindness, and perseverance — transform seamlessly into the building blocks of 21st century skills such as collaboration and problem solving that are fundamental to future achievement. The virtues, in combination with the strong academic curriculum, provide a foundation on which students express their emerging recognition that responding to the needs of others — for instance, through our community service initiatives — is as fundamental to their lives as academic success.

Our teachers combine the science, the art, and the “heart” of teaching to create stimulating learning environments. Chapin is the conduit for students to successfully become independent, engaged, enthusiastic, life-long learners who possess the skills necessary for future academic and personal success. Come see how your child will become engaged, confident, and ready.

Chapin School, 4101 Princeton Pike, Princeton. 609-924-2449. www.chapinschool.org.

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