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Chamber Extravaganza: Food, Wine, & High Tech

"It’s going to be wonderful," says

C. Ellen Hodges of this year’s Princeton Chamber trade fair

and expo, set for Thursday, August 31, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the

Doral Forrestal. "We try to change a little bit every year,"

she says. "Last year we had a little art gallery, and this year

we are having food sampling along with the wine and beer tasting."

The line-up:

At 9 a.m. Congressman Rush Holt begins pre-scheduled 15

minute interviews and cuts the ribbon to open the expo at 11 a.m.

Edward Burton, director of the federal commerce department

export assistance center, speaks at 10 a.m.

Gregory Olsen, president and founder of Sensors Unlimited,

speaks on "Tale of Two Start-Ups" at the 11:30 a.m. membership

luncheon (cost: $28 for non-members). See story, page 58, for details

on his latest move.

Renee Martin of Forgery Forensics begins doing handwriting

analysis at 2 p.m., and Unionville Vineyards and Triumph Brewery


wine and beer tasting that starts at 3 p.m.

Dale Pfost, CEO of Orchid BioSciences Inc., is the


speaker at the 4 p.m. U.S. 1 Technology Forum on the topic "Big

Breakthrough in Genomics — What it Means to Princeton." See

story, page 56.

InfoFirst is offering the opportunity for each exhibitor to

have a page on the "Virtual Business Trade Fair" at the


website. The deal includes one page, a link to the company’s own


and an E-mail link, at

The glass-encased room (the "Tree House") over the swimming

pool has been reserved for community service associations and will

be most visible at lunchtime. "We generally allow one organization

to have a table at each luncheon, and since the Tree House will be

empty, we decided we could accommodate more," says Hodges.

SCORE will offer on-the-spot business advice, and also in this


will be tables for the Historical Society of Princeton, New Jersey

Blood Services, the Red Cross, the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed

Association, two Rotary clubs, the SERV center, Mercer County


international center, Big Brothers and Sisters, Atlantic Publishing

(publishers of the chamber’s directory, and Papier Photographic Studio

(the chamber’s photographer).

The trade fairs in Princeton began more than 20 years ago. "We

started the trade fair during the energy crisis to show people how

they could conserve energy," says Hodges. "It was at West

Windsor-Plainsboro High School, and we learned that the university

was doing an energy show. We joined forces with them. After a couple

of energy fairs, we moved to the home show, and then to the trade

fairs, where we could showcase our members."

For a list of the exhibitors, see the listingsthat beginn on page

50. Everything except the luncheon is free, and no preregistration

is needed. But bring more business cards than you think you will need,

because the list of door prizes is impressive. For information call


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Your John Hancock: Key to your Future?

Every person’s handwriting is a blend of nature and

nurture. The way you sign your name, says Renee Martin, is your

public persona, the face you would like everyone to see. But

the handwriting you use on a quick memo — that could indicate

how or whether you will be successful in business.

Martin, an internationally known handwriting analyst, will do two

one-hour stints of on-the-spot analysis at the Princeton chamber trade

fair on Thursday, August 31, starting at 2 p.m.

Give her a signature and a "taken unawares" sample of


and she can discern such traits as organizational skills, ease of

handling problems, general intelligence, subjectivity, fairness —

and trustworthiness.

Raised in Brooklyn, the daughter of an upholsterer and a seamstress,

Martin grew up studying the handwriting columns that were then in

vogue in New York’s daily newspapers. After graduating from high


in 1946 and starting a family (she’s the mother of four grown


Martin joined the American Graphological Society in 1955 and later

became certified with the American College of Forensic Examiners.

Her first book "Your Script is Showing," was a serious but

readable approach to handwriting analysis that gave Martin her first

public exposure. In 1960 Martin hung out her own shingle. In the early

1970s she set up her office at 20 Nassau Street. In 1979, she


the National Association of Document Examiners.

Her analysis reveals few mysteries and very few earth-shaking traits,

she notes. "Your script will not uncover you as a secret child

molester or predict love in your future. It will show if you are


under duress. But whether it’s because you were stoned on crack or

had a pistol to your forehead, remains securely with you."

Still, in a short time she can read in 15 minutes "a poignant

tendency" that might take years to unfold through traditional

methods. Sensitivity, for instance, shows in a fine pointed hand and

light pressure on the page. Curiosity and intelligence show


in an egg-shaped letter "g."

In an unusual exercise for U.S. 1, Martin did a blind test to analyze

the scrawl of a handful of Princeton personalities ("Tales from

the Script," by Bart Jackson, U.S. 1, March 11, 1998). Two of

the handwriting samples she analyzed had connections to the Princeton

Chamber: C. Ellen Hodges, the director, and Katherine


this year’s chamber president.

"A true people person," said Martin of Hodges, "this


hides behind her sensitivity by being there for everyone and


her natural shyness by covering all aspects of anything on which she

concentrates. This writer is highly artistic and musical, and never

allows her temperament to take hold of any situation in which she

is involved. Balancing her idealism with everyday practicality is

her stock in trade.

"To those who look no further, this writer is a gem who completes

her part of any situation intelligently and as perfectly as is humanly

possible. She is highly articulate, enjoying the average conversation

with all types. She also knows how to recast the facts to the best

advantage of all involved."

Martin also happened to scrutinize the signature of Katherine


partner in Market Entry (a marketing firm), and the current chamber


"If I were to select someone to edit and oversee the proper


of tasks, I would choose this person," was Martin’s judgment.

"An intelligent, alert individual who is not afraid of hard work

and enjoys a mental challenge as well as a physical one, this writer

allows emotional involvement to rule activities. In most situations,

this is a patient person, not being afraid of working towards a goal,

either individually or with a group. There are periods of impatience,

however, and the drive to do something meaningful is uppermost in

this person’s thinking. Most impatience is evident when something

material is in the offing — she wants it yesterday! Good sense

often prevails, however and she will patiently go through all the

steps necessary to make the desired goal a fact.

"Her signature is like the rest of her writing except for giving

the impression of great self-confidence, which the rest of her writing

does not reflect. This is not to imply that she is a shrinking violet,

just that in order to impress others with her abilities, she feels

she must do more self-promotion than she really enjoys."

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Expo Participants

These companies are among those represented at the


Chamber trade fair and the U.S. 1 Technology Expo on Thursday, August

31, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Doral Forrestal. This information

comes from the directories of U.S. 1 Newspaper as well as from the


Information Technology

Docusafe Records Management, 3 Applegate Drive,

Box 2234, Princeton 08540; computerized business records storage and

management, vault service for vital records and computer media,


and destruction service. Founded 1989. Marvin Parker, general manager.

Staff size: 6. Square feet: 40,000.

609-452-7726 609-452-0270

Dynax Solutions Inc., 116 Village Boulevard, Suite

200, Princeton 08540; information technology consulting services,

integrated IT services. Edward Zakarian.

609-951-2228 609-734-4362

Klatzkin Technologies LLC, 1670 Whitehorse-Hamilton

Square Road, Box 8188, Hamilton 08690-8188; consulting for accounting

technology, with offices in Hamilton Square and Langhorne,


Founded 1930. Dale Baver, CEO. Staff size: 35. Square feet: 12,300.

609-890-9189 609-890-6235

Innovative Computing & Networking Inc., 347


Avenue, Suite 103, Somerset 08873. Matthew Kendzierski.

732-868-8080 732-868-8090

Princeton Computer Support Inc., 5 Crescent Avenue,

Building F-1, Box 787, Rocky Hill 08553-0787; computer networks sales,

installation and data cabling service contracts, support plans and

consulting available. Founded 1985. Kathleen Nartowicz, owner and

president. Staff size: 10. Square feet: 4,800.

609-921-8889 609-921-7691

Internet Consultants

Princeton Internet Group (PInG), 13 Roszel Road,

Suite C-222, Princeton 08540; Internet consulting, website design,

development, and hosting, software application development, network

consulting, multimedia design. Founded 1995. Mark Meara & Rob Freda,

partners/co-CEOs. Staff size: 18. Square feet: 6,000.

609-452-1667 609-452-0063

FastNet, 2 Courtney Place, Suite 130, 3864 Courtney

Street, Bethlehem, PA 18017. Rose Lee Everett.

888-321-fast 610-317-1655

R&D & High Tech

A.I. Technology (Avante) Inc., 70 Washington Road,

Princeton Junction 08550; adhesives and thermal management interface

materials for the electronics industry. Founded 1981. Dr. Kevin Chung,

president. Staff size: 100. Square feet: 52,000.

609-799-9388 609-799-9308

Isthmus, 112 Lawrenceville-Pennington Road,


08648; product development, from toys to aerospace to medical devices.

Founded 2000. Chris Robinson.

609-620-1000 609-620-0366

NexMed Inc., 350 Corporate Boulevard, Robbinsville

08691; topical creams for sexual dysfunction for men and women.


1987. Joseph Mo, chairman, CEO, and president. Staff size: 15. Square

feet: 11,000.

609-208-9688 609-208-1868

Sensors Unlimited, 3490 Route 1, Building 12,


08540; world-leading fiber optic component design, fabrication, and

supply. Founded 1991. Gregory H. Olsen, president. Staff size: 95.

Square feet: 20,000.

609-520-0610 609-520-0638

Communications/ Multi Media

Harwill-Express Press, 375 Route 130, Suite 6,

Hightstown 08520; service bureau for graphics design, prepress


and one to four-color printing and copying, plus bindery. Founded

1973. Steven Portrude, vice president, sales and production. Staff

size: 10. Square feet: 3,600.

609-443-5900 609-443-4601

Leigh Photo and Imaging, 51 Everett Drive, Building

C, Box 269, Princeton 08542-0269; complete photographic service with

staff photographers, custom laboratory and digital imaging,


Founded 1945. Peter J. Dawson, president. Staff size: 20.

609-799-8880 609-799-8673

Princeton MarkeTech, 5 Vaughn Drive, Princeton

Metro Center, Princeton 08540; integrated marketing agency


in business-to-business and financial services, direct marketing,

internet marketing and interactive multimedia. Founded 1987. Robert

Zyontz, president. Staff size: 10. Square feet: 3,400.

609-520-8575 609-520-0695

Princeton Graphics Corp.: Nelson Communications,

202 Carnegie Center, Suite 101, Princeton 08540; services to


firms, division of Nelson Communications. Troy Matikonis. Staff size:


609-987-8855 609-987-1033

Triangle — Your Creative Center, Alternate

Route 1 and Darrah Lane, Box 8079, Princeton 08543-8079; Canon color

and b/w copies, small and poster size digital color and Docutech


b/w laser output from disc, ammonia-free blueprints, dry mounting,

offset printing, binding, circuit negatives, stats, and fax services.

Founded 1939. Joseph P. Teti, president and CEO. Staff size: 60.


feet: 10,000.

609-896-4100 609-896-2838

The Works, 20 Wyckoff Place, Franklin Park 08823;

interactive multimedia, computer graphics, real-time digital video,

web design, kiosks. John Fitzgerald.

732-422-2559 732-422-2558


FastSigns, 2901 Brunswick Pike, Route One Plaza,

Lawrenceville 08648; one-day signs — custom signs, banners, full

color graphics, based in Dallas. Founded 1998. Bill and Joan Belmont,

owners. Staff size: 4. Square feet: 2,200.

609-912-0500 609-912-0554

Signs Etc., 3490 Route 1, Building 19, Princeton

Service Center, Princeton 08540; large format digital imaging,


electrical, commercial, trade shows, fabricated logos/letters,


banners, and windows. Founded 1988. Don Everman, owner. Staff size:


609-243-9650 609-243-0223


Nassau Broadcasting Company, 619 Alexander Road,

Box 1350, Princeton 08540; 19 radio stations, including WHWH-AM,


and WNJO-FM. Founded 1962. Louis F. Mercatanti Jr., CEO. Staff size:

60. Square feet: 14,000.

609-419-0300 609-419-0143

The Princeton Packet Inc., 300 Witherspoon Street,

Box 350, Princeton 08542; community newspaper group. Founded 1786.

James B. Kilgore, president. Staff size: 235.

609-924-3244 609-921-2714

The Times of Trenton, 500 Perry Street, Box 847,

Trenton 08605. Founded 1882. Richard Bilotti, publisher. Staff size:


609-989-5439 609-656-8189

U.S. 1 Publishing Company, 12 Roszel Road, Suite

C-205, Princeton 08540-6234; publisher of weekly business and


journal, annual Business Directory, annual calendar, sponsor of


symposia and home page on the Internet, and creator

of the only comprehensive business database of the greater Princeton

community. Founded 1984. Richard K. Rein, editor and publisher. Staff

size: 10. Square feet: 1,700.

609-452-7000 609-452-0033

Yellow, 33 Bleeker Street, Millburn 07041;

independent yellow pages publisher, serving Mercer and Middlesex


and including community pages, restaurant menus, coupons, and



973-549-3225 973-549-3206

Corporate Gifts

Bejeweled by Shari Ltd., 70 Bowery, New York 10013.

Shari Rubenstein.


Cranbury Station Gallery, 93 Halsey Reed Road,

Monroe Township 08831; fine art and custom picture framing. Kathleen

Maguire Morolda, owner.

609-655-1193 609-655-7398

Creative Impressions USA Inc., 1 Wiltshire Drive,

Manalapan 07726; advertising specialties. Marica Finkelstein.

732-792-9977- 732-792-2442

SJS Specialty Company, 73 Brunswick Woods Drive,

East Brunswick 08816; advertising specialties. Stan Strycharz.

732-613-0303 732-613-8080

Finance: Accounting

Amper, Politziner & Mattia CPAs, 731 Alexander

Road, Box 7287, Princeton 08543-7287; accounting, auditing, tax and

consulting services, with 192 employees in Princeton, Edison,


and Manasquan. Founded 1965. Gerard Abbattista CPA, officer-in-charge.

Staff size: 17. Square feet: 5,600.

609-897-0200 609-897-0999

Rose & Associates LLC, 13 Roszel Road, Suite C-123,

Princeton 08540; general accounting. Founded 1991. James J. Rose CPA,

president. Staff size: 7. Square feet: 2,700.

609-452-7733 609-452-7766

Finance: Banking

1st Constitution Bank, 2650 Route 130 North,


Center, Box 634, Cranbury 08512-0634. Founded 1989. Robert F. Mangano,

president and CEO. Staff size: 38. Square feet: 7,500.

609-655-4500 609-655-5653

First Union National Bank, 370 Scotch Road, CN

1, West Trenton 08628; southern New Jersey corporate headquarters.

Founded 1908. Samuel Schreiber, regional president. Staff size: 300.

609-538-7492 609-771-5774

Fleet Financial Solution Center, 16 Nassau Street,

Princeton 08542; financial solutions center. Stephanie Teitelbaum,

vice president. Staff size: 8.

609-688-0381 609-688-0308

Healthcare Employees Federal Credit Union, 760

Alexander Road, Princeton 08540; 800-624-3312, open to employers


a 25-mile radius of Princeton. John Dawidowski, CEO. Staff size: 17.

Square feet: 4,000.

609-951-0700 609-275-4194

PNC Bank,301 North Harrison Street, Princeton


Center, Princeton 08540. Founded 1834. Janice Anderson-Luz, Carole

Bursac, and Marilyn Scarnuci.

609-279-1768 609-683-8125

Summit Bank, 301 Carnegie Center, Princeton 08540;

609-987-3205. John Pagano.

609-987-3205 609-987-3669

Third Federal Savings Bank, 301 North Harrison

Street, Princeton Shopping Center, Princeton 08540. Marge Callahan,


609-683-4488 609-683-8853

Finance: Financial Services

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, 2 World Trade Center,

73rd Floor, New York 10048; financial services. Paul Howard.

212-524-2720 212-392-7744

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Finance: Insurance

MacLean Agency/Prudential Securities, 138 Nassau

Street, Princeton 08542; Prudential life insurance, homeowners, and

auto, and other lines of group and individual health insurance.


1966. Leonard Hayduchok, agent. Staff size: 9.

609-683-9300 609-683-9232

Foreign Trade

Consulate General of Brazil Trade Bureau, 1185

Avenue of Americas, New York 10036. Sandro DeMoraes.

917-777-7777 212-827-0225

Guanajuato (Mexico) Trade Office, 1370 Avenue of

Americas, Suite 1003, New York 10019. Blanca Villarello.

212-459-2350 212-459-2349

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