On June 7 Rock Brook School held “A Celebration of 40 Years” at Hopewell Valley Vineyards. The evening celebrated more than four decades of providing exceptional special education services to children, as well as support for families and professionals. Our staff and our students are the heart and soul of Rock Brook and I cannot express enough how proud I am to be part of this extraordinary organization.

I would like to acknowledge those who helped bring this celebration to fruition. Thanks to Rock Brook parents Lisa Huguenin, Ada Robayo, and Amber Yonan, who helped us acquire many of our fabulous prizes. Thanks to all the families and businesses that contributed prizes. Thanks to the students and staff who created the lovely centerpieces; and thanks to Hopewell Valley Vineyards, Chez Alice Catering and Brandon Broderick Music for their support.

And finally, I thank our guests, sponsors, and donors. Your generosity will help Rock Brook continue its legacy of quality education, providing support and ensuring success for children with communication and learning difficulties.

Mary Caterson

Executive Director

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