Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Survival Guide

Advice you can use in your business and career

FBI: Foreign Spies Are Watching Your Business

Christopher Stangl will discuss economic espionage at the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, July 11

How to Plan a Leadership Change

Aaron Chavis, a strategic advisor specializing in nonprofits, says leadership succession is a critical period that groups should plan for.

Meeting of the Masterminds

Lesley Geller's "Masterminds” group combines networking and business coaching in a small group of no more than eight people.

Staying Motivated in the Job Search

The more clearly you understand and can express what you have to offer, the easier it will be to match your desired outcome with what an employer is looking for.

Finding Strength When ALS Weakens Your Body

Sara Cooper will receive the 2019 Impact Award at the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Women of Achievement Awards Breakfast on Thursday, June 20.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment

Rod Colon leads a workshop to teach leaders how to build trust, expand perspectives, and reinforce the power of inclusion.

How to Use Google to Find Customers

Randi F. Penfil will teach business owners how to use Google's resources at a SCORE workshop on June 25.

Small Business’ Woman in Washington

Karen Kerrigan discusses the current state of entrepreneurship at the Princeton Chamber on June 13.

What Is a Diploma for?

A high school diploma is supposed to prepare high school graduates for college. But what exactly does that mean today, and how should those expectations affect policy and practices?

You vs. Your Brain

Natasha Sherman shares her advice on strategy, mindset, and coping mechanisms at the Professional Service Group of Mercer County meeting on June 14.

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Facial Recognition: In Fast-Growing Field, Glitches Persist

Patrick Grother discusses the “industrial revolution” recently in facial recognition algorithms to the point where some of them are extremely accurate.