Monday, April 6, 2020

Survival Guide

Advice you can use in your business and career

Don’t Stress About Stress

Cathy Kreyche presents on how to deal with stress at the January 31 PSG meeting.

Estate Planning Has Changed. Do You Know the New Rules?

Stark and Stark attorney Robert F. Morris will lead two free workshops on significant changes to the rules governing IRAs.

Preparing Nonprofits for the Future

The annual Princeton Community Works conference, aimed at those involved with nonprofit organizations, takes place Monday, January 27.

How to Influence People

Michele Lederman will deliver a webinar on “How to Get What You Want: Influencing Others into Action" on Thursday, January 23.

The Route 1 Corridor: Expensive But Still Competitive

The Route 1 corridor, once the “medicine chest” of the nation, is no longer the dominant force it once was.

An Old Problem: Affordable Housing for Seniors

Affordable housing is in short supply in New Jersey. And affordable housing that’s accessible for seniors is even harder to find.

The State of Hate in New Jersey

Rachel Wainer Apter, director of the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, is the state official most directly responsible for fighting hate crimes.

Real Ethics for Artificial Intelligence

Ethics has become an important topic in the context of artificial intelligence. How much trust should we have in the reliability of AI systems? Can we rely on AI systems to act ethically?

Women in STEM: Entrepreneurship Contest Offers $5,000

The Association for Women in Science of New Jersey is holding an entrepreneurship challenge event that will award $5,000 for the best business plan.

The Power of a Few Kind Words

Imagine going to the mailbox and finding a letter that someone wrote out of the blue telling you how much they appreciate you and why. How would you react?

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Mercer’s Voting Machines: Old, Hackable, and Not Going Anywhere

Mercer County’s substandard, easily hackable voting machines were supposed to be replaced in 2008. But they will still be in place for the 2020 election.

The Fall of Icarus