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How to Use Google to Find Customers

Randi F. Penfil will teach business owners how to use Google's resources at a SCORE workshop on June 25.

The Rights You Don’t Know You Have

Workers have legal rights at all stages of employment, although they often don’t realize it, says Hanan M. Isaacs, founding partner of the Kingston Law Group.

Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment

Rod Colon leads a workshop to teach leaders how to build trust, expand perspectives, and reinforce the power of inclusion.

Logistics Legend Shares His Tactics

Logistics expert Nate Faust is the lead speaker at the Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network Startup Conference/Competition on May 31.

Staying Motivated in the Job Search

The more clearly you understand and can express what you have to offer, the easier it will be to match your desired outcome with what an employer is looking for.

Making Workplaces More Inclusive

Michele Meyer-Shipp will be the keynote speaker at the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Diversity & Inclusion Breakfast Forum at Mercer Oaks Country Club on Wednesday, November 7, from 7:30 to 10 a.m.

You vs. Your Brain

Natasha Sherman shares her advice on strategy, mindset, and coping mechanisms at the Professional Service Group of Mercer County meeting on June 14.

Fax Check: Behind NJ Politics’ Insider Newsletter

Nick Acocella's quirky newsletter, Politifax, delivers political goings-on in a chatty tone and is now entering its 23rd year.

Common Sense Not So Common in AI

The missing component in artificial intelligence today is common-sense knowledge shared by human beings.

What Is a Diploma for?

A high school diploma is supposed to prepare high school graduates for college. But what exactly does that mean today, and how should those expectations affect policy and practices?

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