Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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Advice you can use in your business and career

Know Your Rights As an Employee

Employment law specialist Elizabeth Zuckerman offers a class titled “Know Your Rights as an Employee” through the Princeton Adult School.

Pitchstop: How to Convince People to Invest in You

If you’re a businessperson who wants to perfect your pitch to investors, there’s an event coming up at the Princeton Mercer Chamber of Commerce tailor-made for you.

Interchange: Paid Leave Would Cripple NJ Economy

New Jersey's economy is on the brink. Our property taxes and health insurance costs are the highest in the nation, the sales tax was increased just last year, and...

Estate Planning Has Changed. Do You Know the New Rules?

Stark and Stark attorney Robert F. Morris will lead two free workshops on significant changes to the rules governing IRAs.

Decluttering a Busy Leader’s Mind

Harriet Stein speaks on “Mind Full or Mindful? Decluttering the Busy Leader’s Mind” at a dinner meeting of the Human Resources Management Association on Monday, December 9.

Managing the Office from Anywhere

Think back to elementary school. Some of your best work might not have been completed at your desk. Maybe you thought best while on the playground, or sitting in...

The State of Hate in New Jersey

Rachel Wainer Apter, director of the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, is the state official most directly responsible for fighting hate crimes.

An Old Problem: Affordable Housing for Seniors

Affordable housing is in short supply in New Jersey. And affordable housing that’s accessible for seniors is even harder to find.

The Power of a Few Kind Words

Imagine going to the mailbox and finding a letter that someone wrote out of the blue telling you how much they appreciate you and why. How would you react?

Will New Jersey Take Away the Freedom to Freelance?

A bill making its way through the state legislature has the potential to greatly alter who is considered a freelance worker in New Jersey.

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