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2017 Nobel Laureate Young Delivers Einstein Lecture

The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce will host Nobel laureate Michael W. Young for its annual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, March 19.

Dennis Kilfeather Brings Business Sense to Nonprofits

Dennis Kilfeather, an accountant and supervisor at Lear & Pannepacker, will present “Show Me the Money: Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Best Practices” on September 24, at the Nassau Club of Princeton.

OPRAMachine Makes Requesting Records Easy for Everyone

An Ocean County journalist has created a powerful tool to simplify the process of requesting government records.

Does Einstein’s Brain — and His Mind — Have Anything to Teach Us?

Einstein encountered more than a few bumps in the road, but he most certainly made his way to Scientific Valhalla.

Digital Marketing Gives Small Business Big Reach

To help business owners make better decisions, Joseph Lamberti will present a workshop titled “Digital Marketing & Social Media Intro for Small Business” at the Bordentown Library.

Breaking into the Marijuana Business

Not since the end of prohibition has there been such an opportunity for an entire new industry to appear out of nowhere.

Finding Strength When ALS Weakens Your Body

Sara Cooper will receive the 2019 Impact Award at the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Women of Achievement Awards Breakfast on Thursday, June 20.

‘Citizen Capitalism’ Proposes New Way to Democratize the Economy

Lynn Stout’s ‘Citizen Capitalism’ advocates using corporations for the public good.

The Perfect Company: Universal Display Corporation

It was a slow night at the Franklin Institute. Three of us watched chief astronomer Derrick Pitts explain the importance of Galileo’s telescopes to George Takei, who played Mr....

Blockchain Melody

If you think that blockchain is the next big thing, then you will not be surprised to learn that a blockchain meetup group has formed in Princeton and that it has already held three meetings since February.

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