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New Jersey: Land of Inventors

New Jersey has always been a land of inventors. Some of those inventions have changed the world, and others have been forgotten, but local author Linda J. Barth seems to know about them all.

The Folly of Work-Life Balance

Sharon List, who advises women on their personal lives as well as careers through her coaching business, All Inclusive You, speaks at a meeting of the Ellevate networking group on Tuesday, May 21.

Common Sense Not So Common in AI

The missing component in artificial intelligence today is common-sense knowledge shared by human beings.

Electronic Vehicles at Green Fest

Sustainable Princeton hosts a GreenFest on Saturday, May 11, at Princeton Shopping Center.

Cutting Edge Science at Princeton’s Research Day

Ever wonder what goes on inside the classrooms and laboratories of Princeton University’s Gothic buildings? Meets Con in Online’s Infancy

The story of the battle between Internet pioneers Gary Kremen and Stephen Michael Cohen is the subject of David Kushner’s newest book, “The Players Ball: A Genius, A Con Man and the Secret History of the Internet’s Rise.”

Strategic Plans You Can Actually Use

It’s one thing to write a strategic plan for your business. Creating one that actually works is quite another.

Buy Low, Sell High: The Art of Retail Arbitrage

Retail arbitrage may be the oldest form of trade there is: buy something where it’s cheap, and sell it where it’s expensive.

Trends in Learning and Development

The learning and development industry is changing constantly, and practitioners will have a chance at an upcoming event to hear about those changes from some of the leading lights of the business.

Real Estate Trend: Live, Work, and Play in the Same Place

Melissa Marsh speaks on the live-work-play trend at the Princeton Chamber.

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Facial Recognition: In Fast-Growing Field, Glitches Persist

Patrick Grother discusses the “industrial revolution” recently in facial recognition algorithms to the point where some of them are extremely accurate.