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Business Action Center Launches New Audio Program

The New Jersey Business Action Center’s newly launched podcast series is designed to help businesses across the state succeed.

The Fine Art of Fine Art Insurance

Christopher Wise speaks on fine art insurance for the Princeton Preservation Group on Tuesday, August 13.

Surviving Job Loss After 50

Ken Sher will discuss how to deal with losing a job after age 50 at a meeting of the Professional Service Group of Mercer County on Friday, August 9.

Perfect Your Pitch & Get Angel Funding 

It will take a lot more than a sparkling speech and glowing presentation to convince serial entrepreneur and angel investor Mario Casabona to invest his cash into a new or emerging business.

Meet the Master of LinkedIn

Two sessions hosted by the PSG of Mercer County at Princeton Public Library aim to help people keep up with the evolving LinkedIn platform.

Volunteer Work Can Pay Off for Job Seekers

Volunteering, by definition, is unpaid work. But for job-seekers, it might still be a good use of time, even if it doesn’t immediately result in much needed cash, says Allison Howe, executive director of Princeton-based Volunteer Connect.

2017 Nobel Laureate Young Delivers Einstein Lecture

The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce will host Nobel laureate Michael W. Young for its annual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, March 19.

Getting Bike Share Right Is a Balancing Act

Thanks to Zagster, Princeton has been home to a robust bike-sharing program since 2014.

Fighting Back Against ‘Unemployed’ Prejudice

It seems almost ludicrously unfair: job postings that exclude unemployed people from applying. But there are ways to push back against this line in job ads that seems to exclude a great many qualified candidates.

Freeman Dyson: Ethics & Technology

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