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Creating an Inclusive Workplace Environment

Rod Colon leads a workshop to teach leaders how to build trust, expand perspectives, and reinforce the power of inclusion.

You vs. Your Brain

Natasha Sherman shares her advice on strategy, mindset, and coping mechanisms at the Professional Service Group of Mercer County meeting on June 14.

Fax Check: Behind NJ Politics’ Insider Newsletter

Nick Acocella's quirky newsletter, Politifax, delivers political goings-on in a chatty tone and is now entering its 23rd year.

Small Business’ Woman in Washington

Karen Kerrigan discusses the current state of entrepreneurship at the Princeton Chamber on June 13.

What Is a Diploma for?

A high school diploma is supposed to prepare high school graduates for college. But what exactly does that mean today, and how should those expectations affect policy and practices?

The Rights You Don’t Know You Have

Workers have legal rights at all stages of employment, although they often don’t realize it, says Hanan M. Isaacs, founding partner of the Kingston Law Group.

2017 Nobel Laureate Young Delivers Einstein Lecture

The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce will host Nobel laureate Michael W. Young for its annual Albert Einstein Memorial Lecture on Tuesday, March 19.

Opportunity Zones: Business Builders or Community Killers?

Opportunity zones are low to marginally low income areas the U.S. Treasury classifies as “qualified opportunity zones.” The goal of the designation is to spark much needed investment into housing, small businesses, and infrastructure in depressed and mostly urban areas.

Pyramid Schemes, Through the Ages

TCNJ Provost William Keep discusses the multilevel marketing industry at the Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, April 17.

Survival Guide: Wine Tastings

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