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Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life – You’re Always Selling

We’re always selling. All of us, all the time. That’s how Joey Himelfarb sees it.

Building Green a Win-Win for Homeowners and the Environment

Architect Kirsten Thoft will speak at a July 25 at a Princeton Chamber of Commerce event on the value of pursuing energy efficient homebuilding techniques.

A Librarian Goes Past ‘Just Google It’

For librarian Kelsey Ockert, the catchphrase, “Just Google it,” may be a bit misleading. The popular search engine is indeed the quickest way to obtain information about anyone or anything you want to know; however, when it’s fully utilized, Google can be even more pervasive and revealing.

A Vacation Rental, But Not a Vacation from Taxes

A law signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in July will ask you for state sales and use taxes on top of hotel occupancy fees on short-term property rentals.

Info Overload: Help for Databases

The information is piling up. While pundits may argue justifiably that the swell of cyberstuff has netted us little more actual truth, none can deny that this sea of...

Status Report: Using Linkedin’s Status Updates to Find a Job

Ed Han, an author, technical recruiter, and instructor at the Princeton Adult School, has become a master at using the business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn over the years.

Learn About Healthy Food for the Brain at NOFA-NJ Forum

Taking steps to protect your brain will be the focus of “Sourcing Health Locally,” a forum co-sponsored by the Suppers Programs and the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey.

Starfish Global’s Oscar Moreno Offers Tips for Measuring Online Success

Ask Oscar Moreno what it takes for a small business owner to succeed, and he’ll tell you, “It’s all about the hustle.” And the hustle is all about making sure people know your business exists.

Dennis Kilfeather Brings Business Sense to Nonprofits

Dennis Kilfeather, an accountant and supervisor at Lear & Pannepacker, will present “Show Me the Money: Nonprofit Finance & Accounting Best Practices” on September 24, at the Nassau Club of Princeton.

Digital Marketing Gives Small Business Big Reach

To help business owners make better decisions, Joseph Lamberti will present a workshop titled “Digital Marketing & Social Media Intro for Small Business” at the Bordentown Library.

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From NJWedding.com to NJParenting.com

Twenty-two years after it launched NJWedding.com is starting a family: NJParenting.com, launched in February, is a directory of child-related services, much like its parent site is a directory for the wedding business.