Thursday, October 29, 2020

NAMI Gets Star Power to Spotlight Mental Health

NAMI Mercer’s annual Harvest of Hope Wellness Conference — held virtually this year — runs Sunday, October 4, through Thursday, October 8, with programs reflecting the National Alliance for Medical Illness’s goals to promote well-being, raise awareness about mental health challenges, and transform the way people view mental illness in order to foster more inclusive communities.

Cartoonists on Putting Their Lives on the Line

Cartoons may look like the sidekicks to the printed word, but the eyeful of realization they offer can be quicker to make a point than a mouthful of words.

Behind the Scenes with Ken Wilkie

Cartoonist Ken Wilkie provided a map of sorts to his creative process and how a glance or an overheard comment can be transformed into visual and punch lines.


Christmas plays, singing classes, activities for kids, and more.

Princeton Symphony Goes Live at Morven

The Princeton Symphony Orchestra is using a small presentation to make a big statement on Thursday, September 24, when the PSO Brass Quintet performs at Morven Museum & Garden.


Virtual opportunities abound for artists, musicians, athletes, and those who simply want to help out.

The Jersey Devil in Literature

The Jersey Devil’s bigger-than-life status has been helped by a growing number of books, films, visual art works, and even songs inspired by what has been dubbed New Jersey’s official state demon.

The Jersey Devil in TV and Film

The Jersey Devil has been a frequent documentary film subject, such as in New Jersey Network’s 1972 documentary, but its fictional screen time seems to start rolling in 1993 on the popular television show “The X-Files.”

The Jersey Devil in Song

Jersey Devil music, like the legendary creature itself, doesn’t seem to exist until it suddenly appears — sometimes seemingly from nowhere.

The Jersey Devil in Visual Art

Jersey Devil images began to appear in the early 20th century and were related to either reported sightings or around manufactured events.

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The Fall of Icarus

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