Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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Museum Serves Up Vision of the Ancient Art of Banqueting

"The Eternal Feast: Banqueting in Chinese Art from the 10th to the 14th Century,” on view at the Princeton University Art Museum through February 16, reflects several traditions.

Cosmic Space and Art in the Age of Einstein

“Dimensionism: Modern Art in the Age of Einstein,” on view at the Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick through January 5, traces the influence of early 20th-century scientific discoveries on some of the era’s most celebrated artists.

Opportunities: Calls for Art, Donations, and Volunteers

There is still time to take part in Artworks’ Red Dot 10x10 Fundraising Exhibition, and volunteers are needed to help with invasive plant removal in Rosedale Park.

Let’s Try . . . Elite Five Sushi & Grill

Tony Yu has opened Elite Five Sushi & Grill in an L-shaped space adjacent to the former Two Sevens restaurant.

Up Next at Passage Theatre

Passage Theatre’s new season continues with “Sorta Rican,” a comedy with music written and performed by rapper/actress Miss Angelina.

`Blogging’ for Fun & Profit

Corrections or additions?<!-- Princeton, arts,-->This article by Angelina Sciolla was prepared for the May 21, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved. `Blogging' for Fun &...

Music Review: NJ Symphony Orchestra

The concert by the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, led by guest conductor Markus Stenz at Richardson Auditorium in Princeton, was a night of music with true international flair.

George Street Review: ‘Last Days of Summer’

"Last Days of Summer," the musical that inaugurates George Street Playhouse’s new home in New Brunswick, is about a boy, age 12 when we meet him, seeking a longed-for father figure in a baseball player he idolizes.

Maya Lin Talks About New Princeton Art Works

Prominent American architect and artist Maya Lin will discuss her new Princeton University site-specific artworks during a public program at the university’s Richardson Auditorium on Tuesday, November 5, at 5 p.m.

D&R Greenway’s Masquerade Ball

The D&R Greenway’s 2019 Masquerade Ball raised funds and spirits at the Johnson Education Center in Princeton.

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