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Briz Spreads Joy at Summer Concert Series

Although soul singer-songwriter Briz is reticent when speaking about herself on the phone, she is not shy at all on stage. Quite the opposite, in fact.

`Blogging’ for Fun & Profit

Corrections or additions?<!-- Princeton, arts,-->This article by Angelina Sciolla was prepared for the May 21, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved. `Blogging' for Fun &...

Review: Princeton Summer Theater’s ‘Uncommon Women and Others’

The Princeton Summer Theater production of "Uncommon Women and Others" focuses heavily on the humor of the play and misses some of the more poignant moments.

A Midsummer Faire Conjures Haunted Happenings

Dig into some 250 years of history at the property just off Fourth/Burlington Street in Fieldsboro and you can imagine the one-time grandeur of the manse and the changes in our region the house has seen over the years.

Passage Theatre Review: ‘Salt Pepper Ketchup’

An admitted work in progress, “Salt Pepper Ketchup” rates whatever finishing touches author Josh Wilder needs to apply between its current production at Trenton’s Passage Theatre and its next incarnation at Philadelphia’s InterAct Theatre later this month.

Regional Legend Jerry Blavat Still Rocking at 80

From 'American Bandstand' to Memories in Margate, Jerry Blavat is well into his seventh decade in the entertainment industry.

Transforming Wood, Metal, and Leather to Feelings

Sculptor Ursula von Rydinsvard has many reasons for making art, from the pleasure and the pain of it, to get answers to questions for which she knows there are no answers.

Trenton Filmmaker’s Bimbos Catch Film Fest’s Attention

Anthony Catanese, the writer and director of “Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos” gives a bemused smile as he describes his new film, which will be shown at the New Jersey Film Festival.

Casual Festival Offers New Music and Maybe a Beer

An argument helped spark the creation of the Unruly Sounds Music Festival to be held Saturday, September 29, at Hinds Plaza adjacent to the Princeton Public Library.

Let’s Try . . . Casa Gennaro

A popular restaurateur in the Princeton area since 1999 when he opened La Terrazza on State Road, Gennaro has steadily moved forward in enlarging his imprint on the food scene.

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The Fall of Icarus

You don’t expect to find insights into our troubled times from the Flemish Old Masters. But on a recent trip to Brussels I found myself wandering into the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.