Thursday, February 27, 2020

Same-Sex Marriages: Issues for Employers

Now that same-sex marriage is legally recognized in New Jersey, employers face a choice. Like opposite-sex spouses, same-sex spouses can take time off to care of an ill spouse....

Medical Marijuana Is Now Law – Why the Delay?

Susan Sturner is a card-carrying patient in the Medicinal Marijuana Program in New Jersey. She is very angry. She has paid the required fees and jumped through all the...

The Case for Online Learning

Three good reasons for not going to school, ... but learning online instead:1. July 26, 1764, in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, four Lenape American Indians entered the schoolhouse, shot and killed...

Thirteen Things They Don’t Teach You About Marriage

The day this print edition comes out, June 15, 2011, is my 13th wedding anniversary. As good a reason as any to make my case that knowledge is power.If...

Want to Strengthen Nonprofits for Our Communities? Invest in Them

New Jersey’s charitable nonprofit community benefits all of us.

Perfect Company: Building the Next Generation of the Web

“Data is the new oil,” goes the accepted wisdom. Data is even better than oil, though, because it doesn’t get used up.

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