Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Perfect Company: Building the Next Generation of the Web

“Data is the new oil,” goes the accepted wisdom. Data is even better than oil, though, because it doesn’t get used up.

Holiday Marketing for Small Business

Holiday marketing is just one of many small business marketing challenges.

A Huge Victory for Preserved Land in NJ and Beyond

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Penn­East’s claim that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission can delegate its authority to condemn state lands to a private company.

How a Newspaper Helped Fuel an Educational Movement

We had a good idea that was significantly improving the lives of the handful of teens at Princeton Learning Cooperative, we just needed more people to know about it.

Hauptmann’s Last Stand

Surely the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (U.S. 1, April 6) is to greater Princeton what the John F. Kennedy assassination is to Dallas. Both were sensational local crimes that became...

Grow Crops, Not Solar Panels, on New Jersey’s Best Farmland

A proposed law to encourage large utility-scale solar projects without provisions to keep it off our best farmland and open space is a bad idea, no matter how well intentioned it may be.

Writing Your Book on Lockdown

How do we market our books in the age of Covid-19? The first thing is to recognize that while it may be harder to find an audience, you also will have people who really need your book right now.

Searching for the City on a Hill

Today the “shining city on a hill” has all but disappeared from view. Donald Trump never uses it. That tells us something. Today the ups and downs of this resonant phrase give us a revealing insight into our present political moment.

Up Close and Personal with GE’s Jack Welch

Editor’s Note: Bill Lane, author of “Jacked Up: The Inside Story of How Jack Welch Talked GE Into Becoming the World’s Greatest Company,” served as Welch’s speechwriter for 20...

The Perfect Company: Healthcare Is Infrastructure

The single best predictor of success is not family background, intelligence, education, height, or appearance. It’s your health.

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