Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Perfect Company: Healthcare Is Infrastructure

The single best predictor of success is not family background, intelligence, education, height, or appearance. It’s your health.

Writing Your Book on Lockdown

How do we market our books in the age of Covid-19? The first thing is to recognize that while it may be harder to find an audience, you also will have people who really need your book right now.

Perfect Company: The Coronavirus and the Money Bubble

With the exception of infrastructure spending, our government has already pulled every lever to stimulate the money supply. Now we face a possible natural disaster called the Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Mismanagement Leads to Cash Flow Quicksand

When businesses deviate from their business plan, they slowly but surely find themselves in what I would like to call a “cash flow quicksand.”

Diccon Hyatt: The Fog of War and the Mists of Time

A story on Needham Roberts, a World War I hero from Trenton, inadvertently illustrated the difficulties of reporting the details of a hectic battle more than 100 years after it happened.

Perfect Company: Building the Next Generation of the Web

“Data is the new oil,” goes the accepted wisdom. Data is even better than oil, though, because it doesn’t get used up.

Want to Strengthen Nonprofits for Our Communities? Invest in Them

New Jersey’s charitable nonprofit community benefits all of us.

The Perfect Company: Are There Moral Companies?

Morality in business and investing is worth considering for two reasons. First, our lives are finite: is there some other pleasure besides maximizing returns? Second, while money is seen as a panacea for all problems, it does not usually improve people who get it.

Evaluation and Accreditation of Nonprofits

While I’m generally not in favor of more bureaucracy and its corresponding red tape, the days of the IRS approving 99.5 percent of all applications from entities seeking favorable nonprofits tax status should end.

Holiday Marketing for Small Business

Holiday marketing is just one of many small business marketing challenges.

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