Saturday, July 4, 2020

Perfect Company: Building the Next Generation of the Web

“Data is the new oil,” goes the accepted wisdom. Data is even better than oil, though, because it doesn’t get used up.

Want to Strengthen Nonprofits for Our Communities? Invest in Them

New Jersey’s charitable nonprofit community benefits all of us.

The Perfect Company: Are There Moral Companies?

Morality in business and investing is worth considering for two reasons. First, our lives are finite: is there some other pleasure besides maximizing returns? Second, while money is seen as a panacea for all problems, it does not usually improve people who get it.

Evaluation and Accreditation of Nonprofits

While I’m generally not in favor of more bureaucracy and its corresponding red tape, the days of the IRS approving 99.5 percent of all applications from entities seeking favorable nonprofits tax status should end.

Holiday Marketing for Small Business

Holiday marketing is just one of many small business marketing challenges.

Life After Closing

Just because you have been approved for a loan does not mean that your responsibilities to the lender have ended.

With Growth of Charity Should Come Greater Scrutiny

While there is huge support for our nation’s charities, there is very little awareness among the general public as to the economic clout, enormous growth of the philanthropic sector, or the process by which charities are granted and maintain their privileged IRS nonprofit status.

Whistleblowers, National Politics, and New Jersey

President Trump's behavior would be in violation of New Jersey's famously strong law protecting whistleblowers.

How a Newspaper Helped Fuel an Educational Movement

We had a good idea that was significantly improving the lives of the handful of teens at Princeton Learning Cooperative, we just needed more people to know about it.

The Perfect Company: The Perils of Prediction

Economically, the idea that predictive ability is the crucial mark of intelligence makes sense. If you had perfect predictive abilities you would reap unending economic rewards.

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Mercer’s Voting Machines: Old, Hackable, and Not Going Anywhere

Mercer County’s substandard, easily hackable voting machines were supposed to be replaced in 2008. But they will still be in place for the 2020 election.

The Fall of Icarus