Saturday, May 15, 2021

What Goes Around Comes Around: Trump & Mythology

And as a classics scholar, I can assure you: What goes around comes around. Greek mythology provides insight to help us understand today’s chaos.

Grow Crops, Not Solar Panels, on New Jersey’s Best Farmland

A proposed law to encourage large utility-scale solar projects without provisions to keep it off our best farmland and open space is a bad idea, no matter how well intentioned it may be.

The Main Event: Parents vs. Teachers Unions 2020

Teachers and parents have competing interests at stake in regard to reopening schools. Students are at the mercy of their debate.

Why NJ Should Decide Now to Start the School Year Remotely

Rising infection rates, new scientific data on the health impacts of COVID-19 on children, intractable congressional logjams on critically needed funding for school safety measures, and a lack of universal health and safety standards for all New Jersey schools threaten any heartfelt goal of safe school openings statewide.

Searching for the City on a Hill

Today the “shining city on a hill” has all but disappeared from view. Donald Trump never uses it. That tells us something. Today the ups and downs of this resonant phrase give us a revealing insight into our present political moment.

Six Keys to Building a Business During a Recession

We can rise to the challenge this pandemic presents for our families, our businesses and our communities if we stay fully present, open, and awake.

Going Viral – A Report from the COVIDS

Last year was an extraordinary year, one for the history books, a year in which we coronas were finally able to leave the nest and spread our wings, perhaps a strange metaphor for a snippet of RNA, but there it is.

Pandemics on Parade

Sara Hastings reflects on parades that won't happen, didn't happen, and shouldn't have happened in light of pandemics past and present.

Green Investments Critical to Strong Economy

How about investing in clean energy, parks and trails, and stronger protections for our waterways? These green investments will help the economy recover, create new jobs AND make communities healthier and safer.

Accessibility Matters When It Comes to Voting

It is time to make accessible ballots available for all New Jersey elections. For people with disabilities, their right to vote depends on it.

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