Monday, March 1, 2021

How to Successfully Overcome a Public Relations Crisis

Imagine this potential real-life scenario. You’re sitting at your desk, enjoying your morning cup of Joe, when you receive a phone call from a reporter at a major daily newspaper saying, “A devastating accident just took place at one of your plants and I hear there are casualties.”

Helping the Homeless: Nobody Does It Alone

A quarter of a century working with homeless and vulnerable families in Central New Jersey gives Liz Murray’s message in her inspirational book, “Breaking Night: My Journey from Homeless...

Environmental Protection and Strong Economy Not Mutually Exclusive

Must we choose between strong environmental protections and a robust economy? No — it’s possible to have both. And here’s proof.New Jersey Conservation Foundation, Scenic Hudson, the Natural Resources...

‘Rethinking Thin’ & the Ways, If Any, to Achieve It

On Monday, May 10, at noon New York Times medical writer and Princeton resident Gina Kolata will speak at a benefit luncheon on behalf of 101:, a Princeton High...

Without Cell Phone?

In the classic 1956 sci-fi thriller, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, people in a small California town start complaining that their loved ones have somehow been replaced by impostors...

In Memoriam: Herbert S. Bailey Jr.

Herbert S. Bailey Jr., the fifth director of Princeton University Press, and one of the most influential and well-respected scholarly publishers of his time, died on June 28, just...

9/11 Museum: Mission Accomplished

What is the purpose of a museum? What is it supposed to do? To be?On one level, a museum is an institution that houses artifacts of scientific, artistic, cultural...

The Perfect Company: Are There Moral Companies?

Morality in business and investing is worth considering for two reasons. First, our lives are finite: is there some other pleasure besides maximizing returns? Second, while money is seen as a panacea for all problems, it does not usually improve people who get it.

The Benefits of Blogging

David Schuchman discusses the difference blogging can make in terms of search visibility, generating leads, promoting my business, and validating my experience and professionalism.

What Donors Should Expect from the Charities They Support

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are motivated to give donations to the causes we hold dear. If you are considering a gift to...

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