Monday, August 20, 2018

Assaults on Charities

There are some worrisome signs on the horizon for nonprofits. Supporting and nurturing them should be one of America’s first priorities.

Keep Your Project (Or Career) Alive By Hitting Deadlines

Some time management experts say to-do lists don’t work. But for me, they are essential. There is nothing so satisfying as crossing a completed project off that list.

New Jersey Needs Raw Milk

New Jersey once had thousands of dairy farms but now has only about 50. While the demand for all types of fresh local foods expands, consumer demand for the pasteurized milk continues to follow decades of decline.

NJ Needs Multi-Year Approach to Budget Problems

The fiscal future of New Jersey is grim. For two decades the state has struggled to balance its budget.

SEO Best Practices for Website Domains

One of the first things you will do when getting started with your website is register a domain name.

Stakeholders to Governor: Stop the Bad Building Plan

While some look for the stars to align magically to solve a problem, the Stakeholders Allied for the Core of Trenton have been working continuously to embolden our elected...

Behind the Fear of Speaking

The fear of public speaking has ranked higher than death, going to the dentist, and getting divorced. Depending on which survey you read, snakes and warfare may outrank public...

Inside the Gig Economy

Not so many years ago, shortly after I left my last full-time position in journalism (as the business editor at U.S. 1), I gave a talk at the Princeton...

Extraordinary Action Required to Lower Property Taxes

Every governor and legislature argues that property taxes are too high and have a plan for reduction. But such promises are not doable. Past attempts have taken three approaches....

Take Note: Bitcoin & Blockchain

by Joe Murray Bitcoin, which has been plastered all over the news lately, is the new green — as in currency. Since Bitcoin’s founding in 2009, the cryptocurrency has had...

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