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On the Move

A name change, a departure, and deaths.

On the Move: Integra to Stay in NJ

Integra Life Sciences is planning to move its headquarters from Enterprise Drive in Plainsboro to a Novo Nordisk-owned building at 1100 Campus Road in Plainsboro, a 166,891-square-foot facility.

UIH Family Partners Gives Fathers Hope

As Father’s Day approaches, there are Mercer County fathers who through a variety of circumstance are unable to have the full experience of being a dad but are determined to find a way to interact with and be a part of their children’s life. UIH Family Partners in Trenton is a program that gives them that hope.

PPPL Developing More Efficient Satellite Thruster

A tiny satellite under construction at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory could open new horizons in space exploration.

Management Moves: Changing of the Guard at CMA

Christian Amato will become president of Creative Marketing Alliance, while founder Jeff Barnhart will stay on as CEO.

Rider’s Sale of Westminster Called Off

Rider University has announced that Kaiwen Education Technology canceled its deal to purchase Westminster Choir College.


Renowned author, Princeton professor, and Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison died at 88.

On the Move: Funding & Wages, Management Moves, Death

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a detailed breakdown of the labor market in Mercer County.

On the Move: Plasma Physics, YWCA Princeton, and More

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory have made advances this year towards the long-term goal of making fusion power a viable source of electricity.

Crosstown Moves, New in Towns, Deaths

Barbara Ann Shary, 74, on March 9. She was employed with Verizon Communications for over 33 years prior to her retirement in 2001.

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