Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fast Lane

News from the business community


Carl R. Pope, Louis E. Kroschwitz, Robert Dalton Smart, and the Rev. Thomas Harvey McNally.

On the Move: Cryptocurrency Crime, New Degree at TESU, Deaths

Prominent Princeton residents Leslie Kuenne and Herbert Hobler have died.

Freddie’s Tavern Closes

A little more than three years after new ownership took over Freddie’s Tavern, the restaurant in West Trenton has closed — for now.

PPPL Developing More Efficient Satellite Thruster

A tiny satellite under construction at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory could open new horizons in space exploration.

Leases Signed at BMS Campuses

Genmab is moving to Bristol-Myers Squibb's former Plainsboro Campus. PTC Therapeutics has signed on for space at the Hopewell campus.


Renowned author, Princeton professor, and Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison died at 88.

Eden Autism to Open Adult Day Center

Eden Autism is opening an adult day center intended for clients 55 and over at the Schalks Crossing shopping center in Plainsboro.

Acquisitions: CMA, Avalon Bay, University Square

CMA acquires Weblications; Avalon Bay purchases Thanet Circle office buildings, and University Square is sold.

On the Move

A name change, a departure, and deaths.

A Princeton Presence on the Moon’s Surface

There is only one piece of equipment from the Apollo 11 mission still functioning on the moon half a century later, and it was designed by a Princeton graduate student and created by a company with an office in Yardley.

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