Meeting of the Minds: Princeton, Google Team Up on AI

It’s the 21st century. So don’t be so surprised that artificial intelligence isn’t science fiction anymore. Granted, it’s not quite science fact yet, but the collaboration between Google and Princeton University is looking to smooth out that particular wrinkle.

I Am Trenton: The Little Foundation That Says It Can

Large faces on billboards and small grants to community groups and individuals are part of the strategy of I Am Trenton, a group celebrating its 10th anniversary of actively supporting Trenton projects by becoming more visible.

Colonial Dance Caller Sue Dupre Knows All the Moves

Sue Dupre serves as a dance master, teaching and leading traditional dances from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Mysterious Power of NJ’s Native American Art

Vessels created between 200 and 900 C.E. are guides to both an ancient and lost tradition and the nature of art. The designs also have a direct connection to the Trenton area.

The Haunted Homes, Halls, and Byways of Mercer County

Haunted houses, halls, and highways — Mercer County has them all. Dan Aubrey takes readers on a tour of ghost stories around the region.

Who Killed Cissy Stuart?

Another unsolved Princeton murder, which strikes close to home for me, is the 1989 stabbing of Emily “Cissy” Stuart, who was found dead in the basement of her home...

Progess Edition: Article Listings for 2001 Part B

FinanceFOREIGN TRADEFoundationsGovernmentLaw FirmsManufacturingOffice ServicesPersonnelCorrections or additions?<!-- Princeton, business-->These listings were prepared for the January 30, 2002 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.Progess Edition: Article Listings for...

Inside the Private Clubs: Not So Private Now

If you want to conduct business at the Nassau Club in Princeton you’re going to have to do it without a cell phone or laptop. The club, located in...

Gift Ideas to Light Up the Holiday Season

This holiday gift-giving season we have a bumper crop of cool seasonal tech to explore, across a broad range of products. So we’ll take a look at new developments in these various product categories, exploring how companies are packaging new tech and new ideas into their product lines.

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