Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Edison Builder Smashes Foes on ‘Battlebots’

“Battlebots” is a robotic combat tournament televised on the Discovery Channel. Al Kindle, who lives in Edison, leads one of two teams from New Jersey that are participating in the season of “Battlebots” currently on the air.

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The Haunted Homes, Halls, and Byways of Mercer County

Haunted houses, halls, and highways — Mercer County has them all. Dan Aubrey takes readers on a tour of ghost stories around the region.

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Nate Stucky’s Garden of Spiritual Delights

Nate Stucky is an ordained Mennonite minister who holds a doctor of divinity, and is founding director of “The Farminary Project” — a formal course in which a small working farm just outside Princeton becomes the setting for spiritual insights and growth.

Jay Regan’s Revenge: A Lifetime of Living Well

Jay Regan doesn’t look like a racketeer. You would imagine Jay Regan, the racketeer, to be a burly guy with a threatening gaze. Instead you find a slight man...

New TESU President Follows a Non-Traditional Calling

Merodie Hancock is the fourth president in Thomas Edison State University ’s 46-year history. She's taking the reins at a state university where the students are all grown up.

Companies are Selling Your Medical Info. So Why Shouldn’t You Claim A Share?

The selling of medical records is big business. One startup,, aims to change that by giving patients a way to control who sees their data — and to take a big cut of the sales if they choose to share it with researchers.

ThirdEye Sees a Future for Augmented Reality Glasses

Alexander Park-based ThirdEye Gen is competing with the likes of Google and Microsoft in the emerging augmented reality glasses market.

Hope for a Wasteland, Dashed by Politics

Hamilton-based Princetel was set to redevelop a dilapidated Roebling Complex building in Trenton. But the deal fell apart at a Trenton council meeting. What happened?

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Let’s Try . . . Elite Five Sushi & Grill

Tony Yu has opened Elite Five Sushi & Grill in an L-shaped space adjacent to the former Two Sevens restaurant.

The Fall of Icarus