Monday, July 6, 2020

50 Years Later, Memories of Changing Times

On the eve of his 50th college reunion, Richard K. Rein recalls the rise of student power and the anti-war movement, and the fall of the selective clubs as the dominant source of campus social life.

Artist and GFS Founder Seward Johnson Dies

Noted area sculptor and Grounds For Sculpture founder John Seward Johnson, Jr. died of cancer on March 10 at his winter home in Key West, Florida. He was 89.

Summer Arts: Bell Dongs and Digital Doings

This year’s Summer Arts Preview reflects the strange season brought on by the pandemic and its effective containment through social distancing.

Springdale’s New Lease on Golf

Kevin Tylus, Erin Hamrick, and Will Green bring Princeton’s oldest golf club back to its glory days.

Hellfighter: The Story of Trenton’s Troubled War Hero

Trenton-based re-enactor Algernon Ward Jr. has dedicated himself to portraying one of those buffalo soldiers, Needham Roberts, a black teenager from Trenton who earned France’s highest military honor for valor in combat, the Croix de Guerre.

Coronavirus, Home Buying, Masks: A Moving Experience

One day after our offer was accepted on a house in Bordentown City, New Jersey went into lockdown. What followed was a crash course in real estate during a pandemic.

Stark’s Law: Growth Without Misery

Corrections or additions?<!-- Princeton, business,-->This article by Kathleen McGinn Spring was prepared for the May 28, 2003 edition of U.S. 1 Newspaper. All rights reserved.Stark's Law: Growth Without...

Jay Regan’s Revenge: A Lifetime of Living Well

Jay Regan doesn’t look like a racketeer. You would imagine Jay Regan, the racketeer, to be a burly guy with a threatening gaze. Instead you find a slight man...

Go Inside This Week’s Issue of U.S. 1: June 10, 2020

The following stories were originally published in the June 10, 2020, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Go Inside This Week’s Issue of U.S. 1: May 27, 2020

The following stories were originally published in the May 27, 2020, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

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The Fall of Icarus

You don’t expect to find insights into our troubled times from the Flemish Old Masters. But on a recent trip to Brussels I found myself wandering into the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.