French Biotech Brings New Blood to Pharma Scene

If French biotech company Erytech is right about the properties of its Erycaps technology, it could lead to a cure for many types of cancer. And the medicine will be made first in an unassuming office off Alexander Road.

A Painful & Costly ($1.7M) Accommodation

A fire drill tested the ability of Melissa Migut’s employer to help her evacuate from a fifth-floor office despite her disability. A court ruled that the employer failed & awarded Migut $1.7 million.

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New TESU President Follows a Non-Traditional Calling

Merodie Hancock is the fourth president in Thomas Edison State University ’s 46-year history. She's taking the reins at a state university where the students are all grown up.

From to

Twenty-two years after it launched is starting a family:, launched in February, is a directory of child-related services, much like its parent site is a directory for the wedding business.

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The following stories were originally published in the July 18, 2018 U.S. 1 Newspaper. 

Team Campus Flexes Its Development Muscle

Drive along Route 130 in Bordentown and you can’t miss it: Just off the highway is a towering sky-blue grain elevator with the words “Team Campus” painted on the side. This summer the grain elevator is coming down to make way for a new phase of expansion at Team Campus: 222 apartments, including 92 senior units on the other side of the highway, a retail complex, and a medical office building.

Can Princeton Be the Austin of the East?

Are Princeton, New Jersey, and Austin, Texas, sister cities in the making?

Companies are Selling Your Medical Info. So Why Shouldn’t You Claim A Share?

The selling of medical records is big business. One startup,, aims to change that by giving patients a way to control who sees their data — and to take a big cut of the sales if they choose to share it with researchers.

How the Gateway Project Can Save NJ Transit

Is NJ Transit on track to recover from years of neglect? Or could one vulnerable tunnel derail it all and take the economy down with it?

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Facial Recognition: In Fast-Growing Field, Glitches Persist

Patrick Grother discusses the “industrial revolution” recently in facial recognition algorithms to the point where some of them are extremely accurate.