Team Campus Flexes Its Development Muscle

Drive along Route 130 in Bordentown and you can’t miss it: Just off the highway is a towering sky-blue grain elevator with the words “Team Campus” painted on the side. This summer the grain elevator is coming down to make way for a new phase of expansion at Team Campus: 222 apartments, including 92 senior units on the other side of the highway, a retail complex, and a medical office building.

Proposed Plant Poses a Toxic Threat

Israel-based Elcon Recycling Services has plans to build a facility in Falls Township, Pennsylvania, that would store and treat 200,000 tons per year of hazardous and residual waste. Residents in neighboring communities are not happy.

Go Inside This Week’s Issue of U.S. 1: May 8, 2019

The following stories were originally published in the May 8, 2019, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Ranking Princeton’s Eating Clubs

The portraits of the 11 Princeton eating clubs are presented below in order of their social prestige and coolness, as determined by a handful of current students and alumni....

Progress Listings II

FOOD SERVICEFOREIGN TRADEHEALTHCAREHOTELSLAWMANAGEMENTOFFICEPharmaceuticalPRINTINGREAL ESTATER&DSALESSCHOOLSTELECOMTRADE GROUPSTRANSPORTCorrections or additions?Progress Listings IITop Of PageFOOD SERVICE ExpansionsBCA & Associates Inc., 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 309, Princeton 08540; restaurant owners, part of Thomas Colitsas...

How Trenton ‘Won’ Amazon’s HQ2 Battle

Imagine 8 million square feet in five closely connected campuses. Trenton's Amazon plan didn’t make the finals, but it uncovered some hidden assets within the city.

From to

Twenty-two years after it launched is starting a family:, launched in February, is a directory of child-related services, much like its parent site is a directory for the wedding business.

Hope for a Wasteland, Dashed by Politics

Hamilton-based Princetel was set to redevelop a dilapidated Roebling Complex building in Trenton. But the deal fell apart at a Trenton council meeting. What happened?

Commercial Space for Sale & for Rent

Area brokers list current commercial properties for sale and for rent.

Inside the Private Clubs: Not So Private Now

If you want to conduct business at the Nassau Club in Princeton you’re going to have to do it without a cell phone or laptop. The club, located in...

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