Saturday, October 19, 2019

From the Editor

After 35 years, a new editor at U.S. 1.

Letters to the Editor: Thank You Notes

Princeton Blairstown Center and Friends of Princeton Public Library held successful fundraisers.

Letters to the Editor

Clarifications on Hopewell's Castle and a thank you from Princeton Community Housing.

Only in Princeton

In his May 8 column Richard K. Rein commented on Fred Kassab, who gained fame as the man who for nine years pursued Jeffrey MacDonald, a Princeton alumnus from the early 1960s who murdered his wife and daughters. An astute reader points out another Princeton connection to the story.

To the Editor: Princetel & Dudamel

One letter praises Dan Aubrey's piece on Princetel; another reflects on Gustavo Dudamel and El Sistema in Trenton.

Newsletters & News from D.C.

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Call for Summer Fiction

U.S. 1's 2019 Summer Fiction Issue will be published Wednesday, July 24. Submit your short stories and poetry by Monday, June 3.

To the Editor: Be a Part of Next Gen

The YWCA Princeton offers a free career development program for young women.

To the Editor: Our Trail to Everywhere

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail is certainly not “a trail to nowhere.” For thousands of people it's a trail to where they want to go.

Letters to the Editor

Independent voters seek a voice in New Jersey's primaries, and Hope Loves Company thanks the Mercer County Community for its support.

Trending Stories

Facial Recognition: In Fast-Growing Field, Glitches Persist

Patrick Grother discusses the “industrial revolution” recently in facial recognition algorithms to the point where some of them are extremely accurate.