Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Protect Pedestrians

Motorists are required to yield to pedestrians at unmarked crosswalks (no paint on the pavement), and stop and stay stopped for pedestrians in marked (painted) crosswalks.

To the Editor: Springdale’s Past

To tell the history of Springdale without discussing its segregated past dismisses the experience of many African-Americans in our community.

Monroe League of Women Voters Remind Readers of Election Law Changes

Monroe Township League of Women Voters wants to inform readers of important changes to the mail-in ballot process.

Letter: Give Third Parties a Voice and a Chance

Diversity is a beautiful word that enriches life. This November we have another election but many voices are not going to be heard.

To the Editor: Proceed Carefully on Minimum Wage Law

Governor Phil Murphy’s and Speaker Craig Coughlin’s comments last week on increasing the minimum wage to $15 reflect the Governor’s vision for a fairer economy in New Jersey.

U.S. 1 Summer Fiction poets take over Lewis Arts Complex

Days before students returned to the Princeton campus, the readers, writers, and poets of U.S. 1’s annual Summer Fiction issue took over the Forum space at the university’s new Lewis Arts Complex to mingle and hear readings and discussion of the published works.

Looking Ahead to U.S. 1’s Fall Arts Preview

Labor Day also marks an official start of the fall arts season. That will be marked by U.S. 1’s Fall Arts Preview on September 12.

To the Editor: Striking Out Hunger

At United Way of Greater Mercer County, we recognize that there is a need in the community when it comes to the issue of summer hunger.

U.S. 1 To Host Annual Summer Fiction Reception August 29

U.S. 1 will host its annual Summer Fiction reception next Wednesday, August 29, from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at Princeton University’s Lewis Center for the Arts.

Reader Shares Their Own ‘Gas Station Moment’

Richard K. Rein’s August 15 column, about acts of kindness observed at a gas station, prompted a letter from a reader in Hopewell who had her own “gas station moment."

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