To the Editor: Re: ‘Period Poverty’

The Princeton community rose to the challenge on November 17 and supported our Princeton Period Project collection drive at McCaffrey’s in Princeton.

‘People’s Workshop’ Concept For Trenton Moves Closer to Reality

As we have just discovered the “people’s workshop” concept for Trenton is close to reality.

To the Editor: Blairstown Spirit

On October 12 the Princeton-Blairstown Center (PBC) hosted our celebration of our 110th anniversary.

Letter: Who’s Haunted?

In spite of all that was presented in the U.S. 1 piece, I can’t recall that over any of those years I ever heard the word “haunted” with reference to TPH from anyone across the hospital staff or patients.

To the Editor: Better Angels

Thank you for your coverage of Better Angels ( in Richard K. Rein’s October 31 column.

Eagle-Eyed Reader Submits Correction

An eagle-eyed reader, Mark Cehelyk of Princeton Landing, noticed an error in Richard K. Rein’s October 31 column on the partisan divide.

Two Reasons to Pay Attention to Sick Employees

Anybody in your office sneezing, sniffling, hacking, complaining about aches and pains, and exposing themselves to you in the process of doing it? You might pay attention — for two reasons.

To the Editor: Get Your Flu Shot Now

Last winter the Flu killed 80,000 men women and children. Such shocking and appalling loss of life need not have happened, and must not be repeated.

To the Editor: A Newspaper’s Value

I am just now reading “Our Towns” by James and Deborah Fallows. This is a feel good book that counteracts some of the current political vitriol.

Discussion of Trenton’s Promise and Problems Continues

Two weeks after Richard K. Rein’s October 10 opus on “How Trenton ‘Won’ Amazon’s HQ2,” the promise and problems of the city continue to be discussed.

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