Monday, August 20, 2018

A Misguided View of Charity’s ‘Plight’

Both New Jersey and New York are trying to figure out how to make state and local taxes into “charitable contributions” so that they can continue to be deducted from income for federal tax purposes.

To the Editor: More to Explore in NJ

Thanks for the great article about seeing some of the outside world without leaving New Jersey. We are actually very fortunate to have all created such a diverse state.

Fact vs. Speculation

When does a news organization refuse to print idle speculation that is unsubstantiated by actual facts?

A Letter to the Editor About that Letter

My concern today is with the letter to the editor by reader Libby Schwartz, in your July 18 issue.

To the Editor: About those Events

Congratulations on the new website and updated events listing. As one of those who helped birth the first website (in the Dark Ages, in 1996) I was eager to test it out.

To the Editor: The End of an Era

I am writing to acknowledge the closing last month of a 70 year old nonprofit, Family Guidance Center Corporation, due to ongoing funding challenges.

To The Editor: Gas Quality Matters

Here is my public service notice to my friends in Princeton on Wednesday, July 11: this afternoon I stopped at the Sunoco gas station at Route 1 and Harrison Street.

To the Editor: High Hopes For Hummingbirds

I am an avid birder and, by extension, fascinated by how fragile, feathered beings manage to generate, shelter and feed young ones —in essence, out of thin air.

To the Editor: Support Summer Learning

Summer is the most unequal time in America! Research tells us that ALL students lose ground over the summer months when they are not in school.

Things of Importance

Our problems will never be equivalent to those suffered by the staff of the Capital Gazette, the community newspaper in Annapolis, where five staff members were slain last week by a man with a long grudge against the newspaper and its reporting.

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Artist’s Travel Journals Reveal Images, Words, and Trends

For many, a personal journal is just that — personal, often kept in a discrete place such as the bottom of a drawer. Mikel Cirkus, on the other hand, wants to celebrate his journals with the world.