Cat Visit — Lawrenceville

Kinetic cat slips down abdomen to earth,

her only business now the exit

imperceptible to human eye.

A tennis ball sticks beneath the chain-link barrier

she scrapes under, into the Volvo car lot.

Trots on lightly;

black orange white, tan-tufted cheek,

sucking in distances.

Cat that licks your hand eludes you,

good-will gone at tongue-done time,

job completed; palm sanded,

sealed with varnish.

Is that her tail switching in a timothy brake

beside the brigade of Volvos?

Perhaps it’s an item on newsprint

flapping in the wind.

Shadow-plays among the sun-plunged cars mark her hunt.

Or are they shimmers of my languor

as I watch her out my window?

— Harvey Steinberg

Steinberg, an octogenarian, lives with his wife in Lawrenceville.

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